April 23, 2024
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Billions Season 6: Corey Stoll Promoted To Series Regular, Will Bring More Twist In Bobby’s Life

Billions Season 5 Episode 6

While we wondered how things would proceed in Billions Season 5, the network had amazed us by ordering Billions Season 6 before its fifth season wrapped up airing on the network. However, there’s still hope that the show would return to finish the fifth season in 2021. Thus, the fans have to wait too long to watch their favorite characters back in action. Billions Season 5 aired in May 2020. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, it aired only seven episodes.


In which, Billions saw a conflict between the main character Charles “Chuck” Rhoades and Robert “Bobby” Axelrod. Chuck was challenged by a new dire district advocate Mary Ann Gramm (Roma Maffia), who tries to remove him from a big discussion. Further, the fifth season has seen Taylor Mason’s (Asia Kate Dillon) return to Axe Capital. Meanwhile, Wendy Rhoades (Maggie Stiff) found a new association that understands her relationship with Chuck and Axelrod. However, the fifth season left off without portraying a proper finale. But, we can expect it to return soon to narrate the leftover story.

Billions Season 6: Renewed For The Next Season

In the earliest October, Showtime has renewed Billions Season 6. Along with announcing a tentative return date for Billions Season 5. However, till now, Billions hasn’t resumed filming for their remaining episode of the fifth season and the sixth season. But, the network has announced that they would soon return to film their leftover episode as early as possible. Billions is the second show which Showtime has renewed after the COVID-19 outburst.

Billions Season 6: What To Expect?

However, it looks like the show has somewhat changed from its central theme. It seems that the drama series is now moving in a completely different direction. Since both the leads have a new opponent and some formidable opponents who are ready to take everything from them, that shifted the entire focus on the rivalry storyline. Now, we can expect that the sixth season would focus more on the ambition story than the rivalry tale.

Billions Season 6: Corey Stoll Has Promoted To Series Regular

Good news for Corey Stoll’s fans as now they could see more of him in the upcoming season. Billions has promoted Corey Stoll to series regular for Billions Season 6. Corey first appeared as Mike Prince in the fifth season. Mike, a business tycoon who comes from a small town of Indiana. However, unlike Axelrod, Mike sees the world differently. According to Mike, the world is a place to invest. As for Axelrod, Mike turned out a big threat in the fifth season. Now, we can expect that the sixth season would delve deep into their rivalry.

Billions Season 6: Release Date

Well, Showtime has scheduled Billions Season 5 to air in 2021. So, we can expect that Billions Season 6 would follow its fifth season. However, it’s a tentative date. Showtime has yet to announce the official air date of season 5 and 6.

Will There Be Any Season 7?

Well, fans can relax now as the network hasn’t said that the sixth season would be the last season of the show. That means your favorite drama would last long till you or the creator wants.

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