May 23, 2024
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Younger Season 7: Sutton Foster Discussed Liza’s Future Plan, Production Scheduled For October, Know More Details

Younger Season 7

Sutton Foster will say a final goodbye to her fans in Younger Season 7. After portraying publishing executive Liza Miller for a relatively long time, the long-running show has come to its end. But how everything would sort out is still a mystery. However, Sutton Foster knows some of the details about how the show would proceed in Younger Season 7. Further, it’s the right time for Liza to decide with whom she would love to live the rest of her life. Here is everything which we know about Liza’s choice.


Younger, created by Darren Star, is a comedy-drama series on TV Land. It follows Liza Miller, a 40-year-old divorced woman who restarts her life, as her marriage collapsed due to her husband’s drinking habits. But one day, a 26-year-old tattoo artist Josh mistaken Miller as his age. From then, Liza came to an idea to start her career in the ageist industry of publishing. Later, Liza became the assistant of Diana Trout, Empirical Press marketing head.

Younger Season 7: Production Scheduled To Begin Soon

In 2019, Younger wrapped up filming for the sixth season. Further, initially, Younger Season 7 was scheduled to begin its filming in late March 2020. However, the current pandemic has spilled the water on their plans. The production had been put on hold before the cast and crew members could even begin their filming.

Fortunately, the filming for Younger Season 7 is scheduled to begin in October. However, Darren Star recently announced that Younger Season 7 would be “unofficially” the final season of this epic comedy series. Well, at least Younger Season 7 filming should start soon, although it would be the last run.

Foster Seems Optimistic Regarding The Next Season

Recently, Foster said that she thought that Younger Season 6 would be the show’s final season. However, she’s glad that they are making it to the next season. Unfortunately, the pandemic has put a hold on their plans. Foster added that it looks like it’s the end, and they can never go back to film their next season.

According to the creator, the seventh season is still unofficially the final season. However, it won’t take much time to end Younger officially. Speaking on the last run, Foster said that it’s unbelievable to show seven seasons on the television. However, they have so many stories left to portray, which they hope to portray in Younger Season 7.

Younger Season 7: What To Come In The Next Season?

As for the next season, Foster said that the writers told her that there were lots of tears in the writer’s room while drafting the script. However, Foster has no clue what it means and how things would change in the last season. Younger Season 6 ended with many cliffhangers. One thing is clear that it would pick up from where it left off.

Liza Will Follow Her Heart

In the sixth season, Charles (Peter Hermann) proposed to Liza, and Foster has revealed that it would pick up from there. However, when it comes to select between Josh (Nico Tortorella) and Charles, Liza looks clueless. Foster has also confirmed that she has been trapped in this love triangle and has no idea whom to select at the end. However, Foster believes that Liza would pick herself at the end of the season.

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