Big Little Lies Season 3

Big Little Lies Season 3: Nicole Kidman Revealed Updates! Know The Plot Ahead

There hasn’t been any official word ever since the release of Big Little Lies Season 2. However, the previous season came up on the web in 2019. We were eagerly waiting for any movement for the forthcoming season. But, Nicole Kidman finally revealed something about the expected Big Little Lies Season 3. It seems that the idea of making more seasons is finally coming up in the mind of makers.

Big Little Lies is an American drama full of mystery and dark comedy. The series is based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty. However, the series first came up on HBO in 2017. It was planned to make a miniseries. However, the platform later renewed it for a second season.

We see the group of women living life and supporting each other on all terms. We saw the women trying to solve each other problems. In the particular scenario of solving problems, they move a step forward, and together they kill Celeste’s husband. The story starts with the murder, unveiling all the darkness of the society. The storyline and the scenes will blow your mind off. Moreover, the cast members have perfectly played their roles. Let us further see what will be the fate of Big Little Lies Season 3.

Big Little Lies Season 3

Big Little Lies Season 3: Updates Revealed!

Nicole Kidman plays Celeste Wright on the show. She has revealed many plans about the upcoming season in an interview with Marie Claire. She stated that the cast and the makers are thinking about the future scenario. Writers David E. Kelley and Moriarty are thinking about the plot, and they do have something in their brain. Kidman also explains about her talk with other cast members of the show. She has been in touch with Reese, Zoe, Laura, and others as well. It seems that every member is ready for the return. We can get another installment of the season. Let us hope for the best to happen in the future.

Big Little Lies Season 3

What Happen’s Next?

In the previous season, we have seen the tension of murder increasing between the women. The most affected of the situation is Bonnie and her relation with everyone else. She has outcasted herself from every connection. On the other side, we have seen Celeste and Mary Louise blowing off in the court. Madeline is finally making an effort to start everything in a new way with Ed. However, Jane has changed her mind to give another chance to Corey.

At the end of the second installment, we saw Bonnie at the police station. Would she have gone to confront everything? Will the whole gang admit to the things they have done? We are eagerly looking for the answers. However, it seems that there is a ray of hope of getting answers because Kidman appears to be positive.

Big Little Lies Season 3

Big Little Lies Season 3: Release Date

We don’t know anything about the release of Big Little Lies Season 3. For now, we are waiting for the renewal to happen. Big Little Lies has a long way to go ahead. Every cast member is busy in one or the other thing. Even if renewed, the makers will have to gather all the cast and crew to make the season happen. Till then, stay in the virtual touch for more information ahead.

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