April 22, 2024
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You Season 3: Filming Starts Soon! Author Discussing Details, Know More

You Season 3

We have brought great news for all the fans of ‘You.’ The show will soon start filming for its third installment. Get ready to know more stories of Joe Goldberg in You Season 3. The news confirms that the makers are trying their best to be on track. Let us take a more profound look at the future scenario.


You is an American psychological thriller series. The show has been created by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble. Moreover, we see the plot revolving around the story of Joe Goldberg. He is very clever but is added with some disorders. In the first season, we see him meeting Guinevere Beck and falling in love with her. However, he feeds his toxic obsession in the relationship. We see the love without any limitation coming up on the screen. Joe follows Beck everywhere and removes all obstacle that comes in between their love. Removing barriers includes all types of psycho activities with murder as well. Later in the story, we see his loving change from one girl to another. But, what remains the same is the obsession.

You Season 3

The series has been an engaging and thrilling one. We will further see which new girl will be trapped in the obsession of love. Let us discover the fate of You Season 3.

You Season 3: Starts Filming!

It will be a whole year in December since the release of the second installment. We have been waiting for too long to hear anything about You Season 3. Now, it seems that the season is finally going to make its way towards the completion. As per the recent reports, we got to know that the filming is soon going to start. We will see the production process to begin in November. The news isn’t yet announced officially by the streaming giant. However, the news of filming in November is confirmed by Daniel Richtman as per The Sun

. We are eagerly looking towards the start to get more information ahead.

You Season 3

Joe Bitching About “Soonish”

In July this year, we all have seen the author, Caroline Kepens, confirming the story’s completion. She then finished the writing part of the script and was excited to share it. She shared it on twitter by saying about the word “soonish.” Caroline quotes, ‘You Season 3 is done, and I know, I keep saying “soonish,” but it’s truly so done tat I saw possible covers last week.’ However, she adds to it that we will see Joe bitching about the word ‘soonish in the coming story.

You Season 3

So, better get ready for a new girl and new hunt. There are surely going to be more twists than the previous one.

You Season 3: Release Date

For now, we can not confirm anything about the release. The season is yet to begin the production process. We speculate You Season 3 to release in mid-2021. Be seated to experience the psychological ride once again. Once the filming starts, there will be more revelations. We will thoroughly update you with all the recent information.

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