Akashic Records Season 2

Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor Season 2: Will The Anime Ever Return? Everything To Know!

It has been more than three years since the fans last saw Roku De Nashi Majutsu Koushi To Akashic Records, and now they are getting desperate to see Akashic Records Season 2. The fans are not fond of this hiatus, but still, they are stuck with it. It’s been long when the creators last provided an update on it. So will there be any further installments? Here’s everything to know.

Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor is a Japanese comedy anime series. Its debut as an anime adaptation of the light novel series of the same name on April 4, 2017. Just like its source material, the anime also received a great response from the fans as well as the critics. The last episode of the inaugural season was aired on June 20, 2017. And ever since then, everyone is waiting for its second season.

Akashic Records Season 2

Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor Season 2: Renewal Status!

One of the main reasons behind the frustrations of the fans is the lack of information from the creators. They haven’t provided any information on the anime after the completion of the debut season. The makers neither renewed nor canceled Roku De Nashi Majutsu Koushi To Akashic Records Season 2. Therefore the fate of the anime series is still up in the air. However, fans don’t have worry because it is one of the most successful projects by the studio, and it is still quite popular among the viewers. The immense popularity and demand will certainly bring it back for its following season.

Akashic Records Season 2

Do The Creators Have Enough Source Material?

The authors began serializing the light novel series in 2014. As of now, the LN series has a total of seventeen volumes, including the latest one that was released on July 17, 2020. And the first season of the anime only covered five volumes of it. Back in 2017, the creators didn’t have enough chapters to make Akashic Records Season 2. However, now they have more than enough material to produce two seasons of the anime. And that drastically increases the chance of the arrival of the second season.

Akashic Records Season 2: Plot Details!

The plot of the anime revolves around Sistine Fibel and her best friend, Rumia Tingel. The couple of them are students at a prestigious magical academy. Sistine aims to get the best training to satisfy her grandfather’s last wish. She desires to investigate the secrets of the enigmatic Sky Castle. However, her beloved instructor is replaced by a lazy and unqualified instructor, Glenn. Although she later understands that his unique training methods are quite useful. 

Akashic Records Season 2 will pick up the story of the sixth volume of the LN series. Glenn and his disciples will go wide into the secrets under the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. On the other hand, the fans will additionally get to learn about Cecelia’s life. Whereas, Riel will now be going to an all-female institution. Hence, Glenn will change into a girl and examine the all-girls school and Sistine and Rumia. 

Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor Season 2

Roku De Nashi Majutsu Koushi To Akashic Records Season 2: Release Date

It is likely that the creators already started working on the production of the second season. And they will officially announce it very soon. Therefore, the fans can expect Akashic Records Season 2 to release by the end of 2022.

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