April 25, 2024
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Manifest Season 3: Opens Up The Mythology Of flight 828, Jeff Rake And Josh Dallas Teasing Details

Manifest Season 3

The makers of Manifest Season 3 thoroughly keeps us updated with some or the other things. There has been a current release of a photo teasing some significant updates about the upcoming season. However, it seems that the future scenario will dive deeper into the mysteries. It will be interesting to unravel the cliffhangers. We have some spoilers waiting for you. Scroll below to know everything.


Manifest is a supernatural drama series, created by Jeff Rake. The show was first released in September 2018. The plot revolves around a Montego Air Flight 828 and it’s a related mystery. The flight was to go to New York from Jamaica, but it never reached the destination. However, amidst the journey, the passengers faced the turbulence and the flight vanishes from the air. The passengers were then presumed to be dead. But slowly, we see each passenger appearing into society. They begin to listen to voices and see visions of the future scenario. The passenger’s life’s biggest challenge is to survive in the normal world with a not-so-normal personality. Let us further discover the future fate of Manifest Season 3.

Manifest Season 3

Manifest Season 3: Photo Tease

Show’s twitter handle recently shared the photo of the upcoming scenario. We see Josh Dallas in the picture standing in front of the mangled Montego Air Flight 828 tailfin. The picture quotes, “What’s that you’ve got there, Josh Dallas?” Let us further wait to see what new factors are waiting to come upon the floor.

Who New Labyrinth Ahead

In an interview with The Sydney Morning, Dallas opened a lot about Manifest Season 3. He stated that the storyline will focus on the ‘mystery-reveal’ of Flight 828. Most passengers will make an appearance with a whole lot of story. The coming season’s plot will open up the mythology of the Flight and the passenger. Also, the complications of the passenger’s life are going to increase ahead. Therefore, better be ready to experience the thrill.

Manifest Season 3

Manifest Season 3: BTS

With the resume of shooting, we have got many behind the scene photos. Jeff Rake keeps us updated with his twitter posts. We have got information on a daily basis behind the scene activities. However, it seems that filming isn’t just stuck inside the house. We have seen many outdoor sets as well.

Moreover, the plot will not be restricted to thrills and revelations. But, it will also have a bulk of emotions in it. One thing which we got to know from Rake’s revelations are that there is going to be a lot of experiences memories and nostalgic scenario. Indeed, a whole package is getting ready to give you the experience of every moment.

Manifest Season 3: Release Date

The season is set to come up in 2021. We speculate the release to be around the early months. The filming will probably complete by the fall of this year. There will be a post-production scenario. However, Manifest Season 3 is already in the run, and we expect it to come out soon. Let us further wait for any other updates. Till then, stay informed with us in this space.

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