June 16, 2024
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The Voice UK Season 10: Guess Who Replaced Meghan Trainor For 2021 Series, Release Date & More To Know

The Voice UK Season 10

Meghan Trainor would no longer be the part of The Voice UK Season 10. Recently, the news came up that a new coach would replace Meghan. Earlier, the “Me Too” singer Meghan has replaced Jennifer Hudson. However, recently she revealed that she’s pregnant with her first child. So, it could be impossible for her to shoot The Voice UK Season 10. However, Meghan had already finished filming for the 2020 show. But, she has confirmed that she wouldn’t be able to film the 2021 series. Now, let’s see who will replace Meghan Trainor in The Voice UK Season 10.


The Voice UK, debuted in 2012, created by John de Mol, is a reality competition on BBC One. The Voice Of Holland inspired the show. In which many contenders perform. However, the first stage is a blind audition round. Whoever selected in this phase proceeds to the next level. These include battle, knockouts phase, and live shows. However, the winner gets a chance to record with Polydor Records. Till now, many coaches have been changed. However, the show has been in the top position since its debut.

The Voice UK Season 10: New Coach Will Join The Show

Recently, it came out that Meghan Trainor would leave the show. However, the creative team has already decided who would occupy Meghan’s position. You’ll be surprised because it’s no other than Anne-Marie. Anne would replace Meghan in The Voice UK Season 10. She would join the panel with Sir Tom Jones, Olly Murs, and Will. I. Am.

Anne-Marie Shared Her Excitement

She said she’s delighted to join Sir Tom Jones, Olly Murs, and Will. I. Am in a recent interview, as the new coach for the tenth season. Anne added that she’s super excited to work with new and incredible talent. Anne-Marie has given several hits and albums since her debut. That includes Alarm, 2002, Ciao Adios. Further, her 2018 music album Speak Your Mind turned out the biggest-selling album in the UK.

Sir Tom Jones Glad To Work With Anne

Speaking on Anne-Marie joining the show, Sir Tom said that he’s looking forward to work with such an exceptional talent. He’s blessed to work with Anne-Marie in The Voice UK Season 10. Further, Sir Tom added that Anne would bring some fresh ideas and vibrant energy that they needed in the show. He’s excited to work with Anne in the tenth season.

Will. I. Am. Joined Sir Tom

Will. I. Am has expressed his excitement regarding this upcoming season. Further, he welcomed Anne-Marie as the new coach of The Voice UK Season 10. He added that her exceptional songwriting, performance, and singing skills and her tell-it-like-it approach indeed turn the upcoming season into the perfect one.

The Voice UK Season 9: Release Date

Well, before heading to The Voice UK 2021, let’s first see when The Voice UK 2020 would wrap up. The ninth season started in January. But, due to the ongoing pandemic, filming for the next episodes halted in the middle.

However, ITV has confirmed that The Voice UK Season 9 would return to announce the winner in autumn. Well, there’s still no official date announced yet. However, we can hope that soon it would refresh our memories with the past contestant.

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