Dexter Season 9

Dexter Season 9: Phillips Return To Give A Better Ending, Will Be In Continuation

Dexter is back with more heinous intentions in Dexter Season 9. Recently, Showtime has renewed Dexter Season 9 with Micheal C. Hall, ready to return. It debuted back in 2006 following a forensic technician with a dark secret. Instead of helping others to solve the crime, Dexter preys on the brutal humanity. The show had been on the network for eight seasons until it came to an end in 2013. However, Dexter was critically acclaimed for its unique style. It had further earned thirteen Primetime Emmy nominations, including four for Outstanding Drama Series and five for Hall.

However, many believed that Dexter’s impressive performance weakened over time. Its controversial series finale title, Remember The Monsters, had left Dexter on the verge, while most expecting Dexter’s end. However, he faked his own death and went to live peacefully as a lumberer. But, this end made fans more curious to know whether Dexter could return once again. Earlier, it didn’t look normal for Dexter to return. But, now we have all answers to your queries.

Dexter Season 9: Will Return With Limited Series

Earlier, the news came up that Dexter Season 9 would return with some limited series after Showtime has revived the show once again. However, the next ten-episode run will bring back both the original showrunner Clyde Phillips and Hall, who exited after the fourth season. Further, Sara Coleton, John Goldwyn, Scott Reynolds, and Bill Carraro would also serve as the show’s executive producer.

It Would Be A Continuation

The rumors surfaced that Dexter Season 9 would be a continuous part of the original series. Thus, we can expect to watch Dexter’s new world after leaving his crime world and completely changing from what he was before to what he’s now. But will Dexter change a bit? Well, the official Dexter account has recently confirmed that Dexter would return with his typical bloody fashion style.

It means there’s no change in Dexter; after moving to a quiet place and changing his occupation, he’s still that Dexter, who loves to slay people for his satisfaction.

Dexter Season 9: Production Details

Currently, the news came up that Dexter Season 9 would begin its production in early 2021. However, considering the finale season’s negative responses, this revival news won’t be a celebration time for many people. But, the one central element on which we can rejoice in Dexter Season 9 is the return of Philips. Well, the first four seasons were based on Dexter’s best friend, Phillips. However, after he left the show, the quality of the show had somewhat decreased. But, now Phillips is back with some new intentions.

Dexter Season 9: What To Expect?

Recently, the Showtime Entertainment President Gray Levine said that Dexter is a unique series for both the network and its fans. Since it helped the network to boost its viewership before. However, they are planning to revisit the same madness with unique characters again. He further added that he couldn’t wait to shoot with Hall and Clyde Phillips.

Phillips Has Mapped The Ending

Phillips had already explained that he had mapped the ending of Dexter. However, after he quit the show, the ranking decreased. But, now we can expect that Philips would return with the story he wanted to share. Also, the ending that he planned a long time before could finally air.

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