May 26, 2024
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Black Monday Season 3: Renewed! Know The Upcoming Plot, Casts And More

Black Monday Season 3

Black Monday will live for more in the coming future. The show has been renewed by Showtime for its third installment. The production and release status have also been brought up in front of the audience. It seems that Black Monday Season 3 will take more time than normal. But, we are happy to hear that there will be more of Blair Pfaff. Let us see what fate will the third installment brings to the series.


Black Monday is a dark comedy series created by Jordan Cahan and David Caspe. The show first came up on the screen in the year 2019. The story takes back the viewers to October 19, 1987, The Black Monday of the stock market. This day has brought the market crash in Wall Street history. It describes the story of the outsiders who ended up crashing the world’s largest financial system. However, the storyline involves various aspiring stockbrokers of the Wall Street. Each character is looking towards the search of their place in the business. The plot consists of a lot of personal conflicts and deals to resolve every war. Moreover, with the increasing episodes, we move a step forward towards the Black Day. We will see how fate turns in Black Monday Season 3.

Black Monday Season 3

Black Monday Season 3: Renewed!

The platform can’t keep its audience away until the arrival of Black Monday. However, the series has done pretty well among the watchers. Therefore, Showtime renewed the series for its third season. There will be another ten episodes ahead. We will see the beautiful cast of Andrew Rannells as Blair Pfaff, Don Cheadle as Maurice Monroe, Regina Hall as Dawn Darcy. Moreover, Paul Scheer as Keith Shankar, and Yassir Lester as Yassir X. Once again, the thrilling and exciting story will come up with these brilliant faces.

Black Monday Season 3

Plenty Of Stories To Be Covered

As per Deadline’s reports, Cheadle stated that there will be a bunch of stories in the upcoming season. However, there isn’t any lack of any stock market clashes, downturns, and recession to talk about in the future season. If the story moves forward to the 90s, there will probably be many fashion and music changes as well. The character can move anywhere and everywhere. Mo has the whole empire and Blair, on the other side, is a dead Senator. Things are going to be intense in the coming season. So, better be ready to feel the thrill.

Moreover, the series is the co-production of both Showtime and Sony Pictures Televisions. Don Cheadle of Black Monday has won Emmy Award for best actor in both the previous seasons. We are totally engaged with the flexible and charming actors of the show. The viewers will have to be patient to wait for the premiere in order to experience the same drama once again.

Black Monday Season 3

Black Monday Season 3: Release Date

There hasn’t been any announcement of the release date of Black Monday Season 3. The future installment will start its production in 2021. However, we speculate the release to be around mid-2021. Let us hope for the best for the third installment to go unaffected by the ongoing scenario. We will further keep you updated in this space. Stay watching and being connected with us.

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