April 22, 2024
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Final Space Season 3: New Look Teased A Zombie World, More Details To Know

Final Space Season 3

The animation machine has been working on Final Space Season 3. The project has almost took one year. However, fans can now relax as the show officially has announced that new episodes of Final Space Season 3 are on its way. They are bringing back the blockbuster hit animated cast to voice-over the fan’s favorite characters. Further, the new look has also confirmed its release date. Stay with us to know more.


Final Space, created by Olan Rogers, is an adult animated science fantasy show on TBS and Adult Swim. It follows Gary Goodspeed, an awkward astronaut who worked in spacecraft prison Galaxy One in the middle of last days. However, during this time, he encounters Mooncake, a mysterious planet destroyer. Shortly they both discovered Lord Commander, a mighty telekinetic creature. But, soon, they find out the drastic news. And Gary and Mooncake went on a quest to save the universe with the help of their ship’s computer HUE. However, an army of unfaithful robots follows them. In the quest, everyone is trying to know what is Final Space.

Final Space Season 3: New Poster Revealed!

Recently, the new poster of Final Space Season 3 has been released. It features Gary Godspeed (Rogers) at center and front of the poster. However, he has been enveloped by different characters. But, the strange fact is that they all were swallowed by their zombie version in the Final Space. What it could mean the Final Space would introduce the demon in them. Or something more terrific is coming in the next season.

Well, Godspeed has been trying so far to reach the Final Space. If things go well, then chances are more that Godspeed would succeed in his mission. However, considering the current poster, it looks that Godspeed has not imagined such a thing before beginning this quest.

Final Space Season 3: Is It Renewed?

Well, the network didn’t take much time to renew its hit show. As soon as the second season wrapped up airing on the network. Shortly the network has announced Final Space Season 3. So, it’s been quite a long time that the third season has begun production.

Will There Be More Seasons To Come?

Last summer, Rogers confirmed that they are considering six seasons of Final Space. He added that they have a solid third season. However, he has no clue what happens at the end of the third season. Rogers continued that he’s hoping that they would manifest at the end of the third season. But, as per the new look, it appears that this would be the end of Final Space. However, he assured that if they want to stretch it, then they would do.

Show Started As A YouTube Series

The series initially started as a YouTube series around ten years ago. In the meantime, Conan O’Brien and his production team had shown their interest in the series. From there, it reached Warner’s TV division. Speaking on the animation theme, Rogers said that he had no idea about animation, but they started liking it as the things proceed.

Final Space Season 3: Release Date

The Final Space official page has mentioned that Final Space Season 3 would return in 2021. So, Final Space fans have to wait a little more to watch their favorite show. Till then, stay updated for more updates on the upcoming season of the show.

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