May 20, 2024
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Prison School Season 2: All Rumors Debunked! Exclusive Updates & Plot Details

Prison School Season 2

Prison School Season 2 is certainly one of the most anticipated animes right now. It has been five years since the fans last saw any episode of this anime. And now, everyone is eagerly waiting to see the following season of one of the most beloved anime series. The show became popular right after its debut and received a great response from the fans as well as the critics. 


Prison School is a Japanese anime series. It is the remake of the manga series of the same name by Akira Hiramoto. They serialized the manga series from 2011 to 2018. The anime series made its debut on July 11, 2015. The twelfth and the last episode was released on September 25, 2016. Ever since then, everyone is desperately waiting for the return of this anime series. So will it ever return? Keep reading to know.

Prison School Season 2

Renewal Status Of The Series!

The creators of the series are pretty-lipped regarding the future of this series. In fact, they neither renewed nor canceled the anime for its second season. The manga series of Prison School was one of two winners of the Best General Manga award at the 37th Kodansha Manga Award. The authors have sold more than 13 million copies of it so far. The anime also received the same response in terms of success. Therefore it is likely that the creators will greenlit Prison School Season 2 sooner or later. 

Do The Creators Have Enough Source Material For Prison School Season 2?

The debut installment of the anime series adapted nine volumes from the manga. And the creators have released 28 volumes in total so far, with the last one being released in 2018. With that much source material, the creators can make not one but two more seasons of the anime series. There is a lot of source material available for Prison School Season 2, and that is only a good sign for the fans.

Prison School Season 2

Will The Anime Ever Return?

The authors of the manga series and the creators of the anime already made a lot of money with this franchise. Plus, the fans have already waited five years to watch the second season of this anime. Therefore canceling the anime will only cause backlash from them. The creators also ended the inaugural season of the anime with a cliffhanger. So it is likely that the fans will see the second season very soon. 

Prison School Season 2: Plot Details!

The story of the anime is set in Hachimitsu Private Academy, Tokyo. An all-girls boarding school which is famous for its extraordinary education and stern rules. But this year, the administration has determined to break one of the laws and enroll boys for mixed education. On the merit-based admission, only five boys make it through. Shingo, Joe, Reiji, Kiyoshi, and Gakuto are excited to be the only five students amongst 1000 girls.

Prison School Season 2

Prison School Season 2 will highlight the experiences of the protagonist, Kiyoshi Fujino, at the institute. It has been further speculated that in the upcoming season, Kiyoshi will learn the dark secrets of the student council. Moreover, the spoilers reveal that Kiyoshi will be seen competing against Shadow Student Council to suppress their evil plans for the females of the boarding school.

Prison School Season 2: Release Date

It has been quite a while now, and the fans are certainly not enjoying this hiatus. There is a slight possibility that the makers will begin the production of the second from next year. And if this happens, the fans can expect to see Prison School Season 2 sometime in 2021. 

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