May 29, 2024
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Queen Of The South Season 5: Release Date To Be Out Soon! Know The Upcoming Twists

Queen Of The South Season 5

Alica Braga is setting a deadline for the completion of Queen Of The South Season 5. The show is also facing many changes. Some cast members have been upped to be regular members. At the same time, there has also been confirmation of the upcoming partnership. Let us see what fate Queen Of The South Season 5 will bring to the series.


Queen Of The South is a crime-filled drama TV series developed by M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller. It first came upon the web in the year 2016. However, the plot is the adaptation of the novel with the Spanish name written by Arturo Perez-Reverte. The story revolves around Teresa Mendoza, a poor woman who became rich by widening the drug empire. Furthermore, she fell in love with a member of a drug cartel. However, after her boyfriend’s murder, she had to flee. 

Queen Of The South Season 5

The richer she became, the more problems crossed her path. It is interesting to see the crime, action, drama, and emotions involved in a single series. Moreover, it is further to be seen what fate Queen Of The South Season 5 will bring to the character’s life.

New Showrunner Bringing Dark Places

The series has got its new showrunner, Dailyn Rodriguez. She has taken the plot to some dark and risky situation. However, it seems to be interesting to watch such a scene.

Also, Molly Burnett has been promoted to be the regular cast member. There will be more betrayal, crime, and promises ahead. Kelly Anne Van’s character is going to play a significant role on the screen. Moreover, sometimes-partner of Teresa Mendoza could finally become a trusted ally.

Burnett has been coming in and out ever since the second season. She has always been in trouble because of her activities. But, in season four, we have seen her achieving sobriety. Moreover, being welcomed by her former boss, Teresa will open new opportunities.

Queen Of The South Season 5

Queen Of The South Season 5: Production Status

Fans of the Queen Of The South will soon get the calendar update for the release. However, the show had to face some difficulties in the past. The coming installment was about to release this summer but faced delay. However, the chaos caused was all due to the COVID 19. 

It is reported by that the series is set to return by the end of this month. One of the cast members revealed that they would begin filming by the fall of October.

Cast and crew members will have to fly to New Orleans to start shooting. Therefore, they had to wait for the situation to get normal. Moreover, proper protocols will be followed while shooting.

Queen Of The South Season 5

Queen Of The South Season 5: Premiere Date

Filming needs to wrap up by 2020 so as to release it in 2021. However, with the start of production this month, we can expect the season to finish shooting soon. But, one can not expect Queen Of The South Season 5 to premiere before January 2021.

However, the series will continue to bring more spices. Teresa will have to face a lot of trouble. Let us further wait to see how the character will deal with all.

Moreover, we speculate the release to be around the summer of 2021. The show will be taking time in its post-[production process. Till then, stay connected for more updates in this space.

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