Top Boy Season 4

Top Boy Season 4: When Will It Release? Know Status, Plot, And More

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the further story of Netflix’s most beloved series, Top Boy. When will Top Boy Season 4 release? Has it been renewed? We have brought all the latest updates for you. Scroll to know all the upcoming spoilers.

Top Boy is a crime drama created by Ronan Bennett. The series first came up in the year 2011. Top Boy debuted itself with Channel 4. However, later the series was picked up by Netflix. The show consisted of four episodes in the first two seasons but was later changed to ten in the third one.

The story takes place in the housing estates of East London. Tension seen between the drug gangs that run openly and those who live honestly. These drug dealers want to become the Top Boy of society. Moreover, the pot mainly includes gangster drama in it. Indeed, there is crime, social realism, tenderness, humor, action, and adventure. Let us further take a glimpse of the upcoming factors in Top Boy Season 4.

Top Boy Season 4

Top Boy Season 4: Renewed?

The previous season of the show came up in 2019 but was renewed way before in 2011. However, the first and second season of the show had a gap of 2 years. Therefore, it has been normal for the show to take so much time.

Moreover, Top Boy Season 4 was renewed by Netflix earlier this year. Therefore, don’t you worry about the cancellation. The streaming giant is calling it to be the second installment even though it’s the fourth one. It’s been good fate for the makers, as the show almost rose up from the dead. After the second season, it was canceled by Channel 4. We almost lost our fans to see the story once again. But, finally, Netflix revived the show with the same maker. Indeed, Top Boy lived once again. We are hopeful towards the fourth season as well.

Upcoming Plot

There hasn’t been any revelation about the coming plot of the series. However, we speculate the coming story to revolve around Dushane and Sully.

The show is just another crime series. But, unlike others, it has received much appreciation from the audience. We will see more crime and hurdles to come into the life of characters. Sarah and Lee have been playing undercover agents. Top Boy Season 4 will undoubtedly have more actions.

Top Boy Season 4: Who Will Be Back?

There hasn’t been any official word about the coming cast. But, it seems to be obvious to see all the old faces back again. There will be Ashley Walters as Dushane, Kane Robinson as Sully, Jasmine Jobson as Jaq, Michael Ward as Jamie, Lisa Dwan as Lizzie, Hope Ikpou Jnr., Aaron, Keiyon Cook as Ats, and Giacomo Mancini as Gem.

Top Boy Season 4

Top Boy Season 4: Release Status

We haven’t got any updates from the makers or the platform. All we have right now is the renewal confirmation. However, this much delay has been normal for the series. Therefore, we are extremely positive towards the coming of Top Boy Season 4.

The previous seasons can be watched on Netflix, with the name Top Boy: Summerhouse. However, being Netflix’s production, the third installment is named Top Boy Season 3, with ten episodes.

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