Black-ish Season 7 Episode 5

Black-ish Season 7 Episode 5: “Age Against The Machine”, Release Date & Everything To Know

The title of Black-ish Season 7 Episode 5 is “Age Against The Machine.” Johnsons and their struggle are too relatable for everyone. It seems like they are having quite a troublesome time in this pandemic. And if you saw the previous episode, you’ll know why and if you haven’t, we have brought a quick recap section. The fans are really liking this show ever since it made its comeback in October. This sitcom is undoubtedly one of the shows that the fans need after having a hard time in the quarantine. So if you’re a fan of this sitcom and like to know more details about the upcoming episode, here’s everything to know.

Black-ish Season 7 Episode 5

Black-ish Season 7 Episode 5: What Will Happen?

The fans will see a new way of protest in the upcoming episode in this age of social media. They previously saw a quarantine centric episode, and the next episode will also entertain the viewers. ABC already released the official synopsis of Black-ish Season 7 Episode 5 titled “Age Against The Machine.” It reads, “Dre and Junior butt advance over the most efficient way to oppose in the age of social media. Jack becomes jealous as Diane starts to hang out with the older kids at school.”

Black-ish Season 7 Episode 5

What Has Happened Till Now?

The title of Episode 4 of Black-ish was “Dre at Home Order.” In that episode, the fans saw Dre linked in homeschooling since his wife, Dr. Rainbow “Bow” Johnson, is out in the clinic saving lives. So Dre considers the lines of controlling the Johnson household, and this means he wants to take care of the twins’ homeschooling prep. Jack and Diane are also back, and Dre believes that he is performing a great job. However, the children have a hard time coping up with the situation, just like their father. Dre sets his program and personal lifestyle to do to the children but is finally surprised by the never-ending chores.

Meanwhile, Dre and Bow’s son, Junior, is moving calmly with his lover, Olivia. He joins in daily video calls to fight the pain of staying apart. To draw her closer to the fam, he even manages Zoom hangouts between his family and Olivia.

Black-ish Season 7 Episode 5

Black-ish Season 7 Episode 5: Release Date

The fans are curiously waiting to watch the next episode of the series. Black-ish Season 7 Episode 5 is all set to release on November 4, 2020, on ABC, at 9:30 pm ET. 


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