June 17, 2024
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We Are Who We Are Season 2: Script Ready! Creators Spilled Details, More To Know

We Are Who We Are Season 2

We Are Who We Are is a real and society based story. Moreover, it’s a lot more different than the normal series. Luca Guaddagnino, the creator, brings the real issue to connect with the audience in a more profound way. But, will there be We Are Who We Are Season 2? Will we be able to see more of such fabulous content? We have always kept an eye on all the recent updates. The creators also shared that they have already written a bible for the second installment. Let us further take a deeper glance at the future scenario.


‘We Are Who We Are’ is a drama series created by Luca Guadagnino, Paolo Giordano, Francesca Manieri, and Sean Conway. However, the plot revolves majorly around two teens, Fraser Wilson and Caitlin Harper. Additionally, the scenes are set in an army base in Italy. Indeed, we see both the characters living in a military situation.

The plot includes friendship, first love, identity, mess, and teenage issues. The scenario isn’t just fiction but is faced with reality. However, we don’t see creators scaring away from accepting the fact. Therefore, seeing the struggle and love blooming between them is interesting to watch. Let us further discover the future scenario.

We Are Who We Are Season 2

We Are Who We Are Season 2: Renewed?

We Are Who We Are is a mini-series. The show stands out of the crowd because of its beautiful content. But it’s too early for the platform to announce the renewal. We Are Who We Are Season 2 hasn’t yet got the renewal from HBO. Well, There are a lot of reasons for the show to receive the renewal. But, the platform needs more time for the analysis process, as the finale is still left to release. Therefore, have patience because it always pays rich dividends.

Script Ready!

Even though the shooting was paused, the lockdown heled in creating many stories. As per the reports of Indie Wire, Guadagnino says, “Me and my beautiful writer, we already wrote a Bible for the second season.” Also, lockdown seems to have been wonderful for the series’ upcoming plot. As the writers took time and developed the characters of the show.

We Are Who We Are Season 2

Luca is very curious to know the response and make the story have further run. He also spoke that they developed the story because they were in lockdown and got enough time to think about it. It’s a dear project for the creator, which is something close to him. We would love to see the show getting a life ahead.

We Are Who We Are Season 2: Upcoming Plot

The first season has the 2016 election scenario. We saw Guadagnino openly speaking up about the situation. However, the season’s plot is going to be affecting the current presidential election undoubtedly. If Trump wins, then the story will get more elements and life into it. Moreover, it’s too early to depict the forthcoming plot ahead of the release of season one.

We Are Who We Are Season 2

We Are Who We Are Season 2: Premiere Status

We Are Who We Are Season 1’s finale is releasing on November 2, at 2 PM on HBO, that’s today. Therefore, it would be too early to speak about the second season’s release date. However, if renewed, we speculate it to come up anytime in 2021. Till then, stay in the virtual touch for more spoilers.

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