One Piece Episode 949

One Piece Episode 949: Luffy In Action! Preview, Plot & Everything To Know

The title of One Piece Episode 949 is “We’re Here To Win! Luffy’s Desperate Scream.” The title itself is revealing the main objective of the next episode. It is possible that the upcoming episode might be the final episode of the Udon arc. The fans will be seeing the final battle between Luffy and his friends against the Beast Pirates.

Luffy will try to help the prisoners in living a normal life by taking down Kaido. However, the task is not easy. One Piece is already considered a legendary anime series, and it keeps getting better and better with the day. And if you’re aware of its manga, you already know how amazing its upcoming “Land of Wano” arc will be. So here’s everything to know about one of the most hyped episodes of this series. 

One Piece Episode 949

One Piece Episode 949: Preview & Plot Details!

Luffy will cross all the limits to help others in the upcoming episode of the anime series. Prisoners are really scared of Orochi and Kaido. So even if they make it out alive of the prison, Kwamatsu and Raizo will go on a rampage against them. The Queen has already threatened all of Kaido’s enemies. But Luffy is not afraid of anyone, and he will go all out to help others. 

The shooting of the Plague bullets at the Labor Camp is already wreaking havoc. And at a time like this, Luffy did the most unexpected thing. He hugged all of the infected prisoners in an effort to stop them from infecting others as well. By the end of One Piece Episode 949, Luffy will scream in desperation that will going to make a serious impact on the prisoners.

Previous Episode Recap!

In the previous episode, the fans saw Raizo covering another Shadow Clone as a lure, and Solitare assumed that she had beaten all of them and attacked real Raizo. However, he unleashes Ninpo: Smoke Escape Technique and leaves since his mission has been done. And he doesn’t want to lose time. He yelled at Kawamatsu and told him that here is your Kanta and Key to the cuffs. Kawamatsu freed himself, and he is pleased to see his Kantana Sotomoso.

One Piece Episode 949

One Piece Episode 949: Release Date

The fans of the anime series are more than excited to see the upcoming episode as it has the potential to become one of the best episodes so far. Luffy will finally defeat Kaido and free the prisoners in it. One Piece Episode 949 will release on Sunday, November 8, 2020. 


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