Black Clover Episode 151

Black Clover Episode 151: Clash Of The Squad Captains! All The Latest Details!

The title of Black Clover Episode 151 is “Clash! The Battle Of Magic Knights Squad Captains.” The title of this episode is enough to excite the fans. Ever since the makers revealed the name of the next episode, the fans of this anime are getting desperate to watch it. For the very first time, the fans will see all the eight squad leaders of the Magic Knights going head to head against one another. 

The anime is currently showing the six months training arc in which all the Magic Knights are training to launch an attack on the Spade Kingdom. They want to become strong in order to challenge and defeat their opponents. Therefore to achieve this goal, the warriors are giving their all in training. 

Black Clover Episode 151

Black Clover Episode 151: Preview & Plot Details

The fans will finally see what they were demanding for the past few weeks. They will finally see some top-notch action in the upcoming week’s episode. The title of the next episode already revealed that all the Magic Knights squad leader of the Clover Kingdom would go against one another for friendly training. The preview also hinted about the same. 

Isuta Meistet will be directing this episode, so the fans can expect it to blow their minds. The new opening theme already teased the battle that the viewers would see in Black Clover Episode 151. Nozel Vs. Fuegoleon, Jack against Dorethy, Yami, and Charlotte, the fans already saw a glimpse of these in the new opening promo. And now, they are excited to see and know the outcome of the battle among the squad leaders.

Previous Episode Recap!

In the previous episode, the fans saw Noelle ask her why she can’t just modify and fight. Grey assures her that she wants to become her true self, and she must serve her because she is worthy. Noelle responded that she doesn’t mind assisting her as a royal. She needs to try to get a good teacher. Grey went and requested Gauche. She speaks with him while changing into Gordon’s clone, and she asks him to instruct her to become more positive.

Meanwhile, Charlotte chooses to do joint practice with the Black Bulls. She pictured herself being proposed by Yami, and they wedded and have kids. When she catches the reality, she said it is not occurring. Since she doesn’t have a preference, she also decides to join the BB squad so that her team can be powerful to overpower the enemy. 

Black Clover Episode 151

Black Clover Episode 151: Release Date

The fans will see one of the most awaited episodes of this anime next week. They are waiting to see the Magic Knights in action, and it is about to happen soon. Black Clover Episode 151 will release on Tuesday, November 10, 2020. 

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