May 29, 2024
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His Dark Materials Season 2: Premiere Date Out! Plot, Trailer & All The Latest Details!

His Dark Materials Season 2

Only a few more weeks, and then the fans will finally see the premiere episode of His Dark Materials Season 2. They were waiting for this show to return for the past year. And now, it is finally here. The second season of this series already planned everyone’s escape into another world. And the viewers will certainly be going to love it. So if you’re also curious to know the release date of the second season, just continue reading.


His Dark Materials is a fantasy TV series. It is a remake of the novel series of the same title by Philip Pullman. This show made its debut on November 3, 2019. Upon its release, it received a great response from the fans as well the critics. As a result, the makers already renewed it for the third season even before the premiere of the second one. 

His Dark Materials Season 2

His Dark Materials Season 2: Official Trailer!

HBO released the official trailer for the second season of this fantasy drama, and the fans are loving it. The second season will follow the story from the International best-seller “The Subtle Knife” by Philip Pullman. Its trailer hinted that the second season would be about a prophecy that will include the young protagonists Lyra and Will. There will also be a knife that can slice between worlds in His Dark Materials Season 2. 

By the look of the trailer, it seems like three viewers will get to see a lot of dramatic and intense moments in the upcoming season. The people from Magestrium are looking for Lyra. However, she is in another world. By the end of the trailer, the bodies of Lyra and Will began to change. Now it will be really interesting to see what happens after that.

What Will Happen?

The second installment of the series will continue to advance the story of Lyra, who is still reeling over the death of her friend. She follows Asriel into the unknown place where she met Will. He also came from an alternate world. In the second season, both of them will spend most of the time with each other in the city of Cittàgazze. Father MacPhail of the Magesterium will raise a war against the Witches.

The network already released the official synopsis of His Dark Materials Season 2. It reads, “Lord Asriel has initiated a link to a new world, and, agitated over the departure of her best friend, Lyra follows Asriel into the remote. In the unfamiliar and strange abandoned city, she meets Will. He is a boy from our world who is also escaping from a troubled past. Lyra and Will discover their destinies are bound to reuniting Will with his father. However, they find that their path is repeatedly prevented as the war starts to cook around them. Meanwhile, Mrs. Coulter seeks Lyra, resolved to bring her home by any means necessary.”

His Dark Materials Season 2

His Dark Materials Season 2: Release Date

The fans will see the premiere episode of the second season just after two weeks. His Dark Materials Season 2 is all set to premiere on November 16, 2020, in the US. The fans in the UK will see it a week before on November 8, 2020. 

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