Private Eyes Season 4

Private Eyes Season 4: New Guest Stars Might Surprise You, Know Release Date And More

Private Eyes Season 4 would pick up from the eye-opener realization for Matt Shade (Jason Priestley). However, they have many things to deal with while handling their personal life. Private Eyes Season 4 begins its filming soon to return with full-force in the earliest November. Recently, Global Original, the network behind the show, announced its hit private investigation show in the lineup for fall 2020. So let’s check how things would change in the fourth season and whether fans can expect more from the network or not.

The show follows Matt’s realization that family is much complicated than he ever expected when the paternity bombshell dropped in his lap. However, his smart partner PI Angie Everett (Cindy Sampson) helped him to stay grounded. She’s also concerned about Matt and his current situation. Well, now the DNA test can solve the mysterious white lies problems. The duo soon switched their focus on a wealthy family spooky Gatsby-themed party that involved battles and murders.

Private Eyes Season 4: Stars Shared Some Glimpse Of Production

Well, it’s exciting to know that the filming for Private Eyes Season 4 wasn’t affected by the ongoing pandemic. As soon as the third season aired on the network, Global renewed the show for its fourth run. To your surprise, Private Eyes Season 4 filming began in July 2019 and wrapped up before the pandemic hit the world. So, it’s exciting news for the fans as they don’t have to wait a lot.

Stars Shared Their Filming Experience

Lately, Jason Priestley said: “There’s never a dull moment,” in the Everett and Shade Agency. Jason added they had a lot of fun filming those scenes with some electrifying cast members and the guest stars. On which Cindy Sampson added that the fans can consider the fourth season as the best season ever. There are so many exciting elements from which viewers can’t keep their eyes away.

Private Eyes Season 5 Filming Underway

Well, not just the fourth season would land soon. But, the network has also begun the filming of the fifth season. However, it would take some time to return. We can expect that the fifth season would land in the next year. The series produced by Alex Jordan.

Private Eyes Season 4: Cast Details

Who Will Return?

You’ll be glad to know that many of your favorite characters would return this season. These include Zoe Chow (Samantha Wan), Jules Shade (Jordyn Negril), and Don Shade (Barry Flatman). Becca D’Orsay (Nicole DeBoer), Nora Everett (Mimi Kuzyk), and Liam Benson (Jonny Gray) would also return. Along with Inspector Mathilde Carson (Linda Kash), Tex Clarkson (Brett Donahue), and Officer Danica Powers (Ruth Goodwin). Further, the main characters Jason Priestley as Matt Shade and Cindy Sampson as PI Angie Everett would surely return.

Some Addition In Cast

New members are also joining the Private Eyes team. These members are Supinder Wraich as Danica’s girlfriend Kate and Canadian singer Keshia Chanté as Angie’s friend Mia Torres. But, the series star Cindy wouldn’t appear in the pilot episode as she would continue from the third episode.

Guest Stars

Well, fans would love to know about this season’s guest stars. Since the Canadian actors’ Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore, Katie Boland, and Eric Peterson would join the team. Along with them, Chris Candy, Scott McGillivray (HGTV Canada), Nick Nurse (Toronto Raptors head coach), Mike Weir (Pro golfer) would return.

Private Eyes Season 4: What Will Happen Next?

While dealing with the wealthy patriarch murder mystery, Angie and Matt gets distracted from Sabrina (Katie Boland), who just wants to unite with his newfound father. But, the DNA test report is still up in the air. Meanwhile, things twisted when guest star Erica Durance appears. Now, how things would change is still a mystery.

Private Eyes Season 4: Release Date

Now wait is over as Private Eyes Season 4 returns to resolve every mystery. They had landed on your television screen on Monday on November 2, at 8 pm. The next episode is set to arrive on November 9. Further, fans can catch the award-winning series all season anytime on, STACK TV, or the Global TV app.


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