April 16, 2024
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Fire Force Season 2 Episode 19: Maki’s Return To The Armed Forces! Preview, Plot & Everything To Know

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 19

The title of Fire Force Season 2 Episode 19 is “The Oze Family.” The title, which is named after the Oze family, is itself hinting about what the fans will see in the next episode. They will finally get to see the parents and brother of Maki, and she will be at the center of the next episode. The fans are really liking the second run of this anime. Fire Force is said to be one of the most lit anime shows for some obvious reasons. There are still six chapters left in the second season, including the upcoming one. Therefore, fans can expect to see some major twists and turns in it. 

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 19

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 19: Preview & Plot Details!

The makers released the preview of the upcoming episode right after the release of the previous one. It features Maki, who is panicking about going back to the armed forces. Company 8 receives an official transfer order for Maki. Therefore now she has to leave the Fire Brigade to join the Imperial Army. 

In “The Oze Family,” the viewers will also get to know about the family of Maki. Her father is an Army General whose name is Danro Oze, and he has a reputation as a terrifying man at work. However, he is quite the opposite whenever he addressed his daughter, Maki. Takigi Oze, her brother, is also a ranking officer at the Tokyo Criminal Investigation division. 


The actions of White clad are getting more harmful and bolder day by day. As a result, Danro sends an official letter to Fire Brigade that they will be receiving in Fire Force Season 2 Episode 19. Hinawa suggested Maki go with her father’s decision. It will be exciting to see what she will decide to do in the next episode. 

Previous Episode Recap!

In the 18th episode of the anime, the fans saw Shinra is not ready to believe that a lovely church has the Evangelist’s specter dominating its origins. Iris ended with ritual and went with Shinra to the Holy Sol Cemetery, where all the ministry gets buried. When they are there, a Nether priest appears. Shinra commands Iris to do the appeal as he loads with Adolla Burst at full speed. He bounces up high in the sky and crushes the Infernal priest only with one stomp kick Latom.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 19

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 19: Release Date

The fans will see the next episode of the anime series. It will be a very important episode as it might start the road to the second season’s finale. Fire Force Season 2 Episode 19 will release on November 7, 2020. The fans stream the latest episodes of this anime on Crunchyroll. 

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