May 26, 2024
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Kenshi 2: Already Confirmed? Gameplay, Development, Release Date & More

Kenshi 2

When Kenshi was first released in 2018, it made a lot of buzzes. The players really liked the story and MMO-style gameplay of this game. Since then, a lot of rumors have been making rounds regarding the release of Kenshi 2. And there is a good piece for the fans because a lot of them were true. Lo-Fi already announced the sequel of this game. So when will it release? Here’s everything to know.


Kenshi is a role-playing video game. Lo-Fi Games developed and published this game for Windows. A single person developed this game over the course of twelve years and ultimately released it in 2018. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic environment where the player can become a thief, a trader, or whatever he wants. Upon its release, the game received a great response from the players as well as the critics alike. 

Kenshi 2

Kenshi 2: Game In Development?

Back in March 2019, Lo-Fi games officially announced that they are working on the sequel of Kenshi. They announced that they are developing the game on their official website and also released some key points about the sequel. Their post reads, “Now, our initial plan was to keep the new project a secret so we could work on it without any pressure from the public. And then do a huge press release when we had something to reveal.

However, it seems a lot of people are getting doubtful or mad about us not still tinkering with Kenshi or abandoning the world of Kenshi behind. So I’m going to move forward and declare what we are operating on now, as I think it will put most people at peace. We are starting to work on Kenshi 2 now.” 

Kenshi 2

The Gameplay Of The Sequel!

The story of the sequel game will be set 1000 years before the original game. The character will be in the time period of the “Old Empire.” However, the game will still run on the same code based engine. They initially planned to upgrade the engine to the newest version of Ogre. However, later they dropped this and decided to use the Unreal engine instead.

The makers also explained why they are keeping the same game engine for Kenshi 2. They said, “a totally new engine would destroy everything and take extra million years to finish. By holding the same code, we are deciding to prioritize gameplay rather than graphics. (Not to mention a much faster release date).” Since now they decided to use the Unreal Engine, the fans will be certainly going to love this game.

Kenshi 2

Kenshi 2: Release Date

According to the developers of the Lo-Fi games, the fans won’t have to wait for twelve years to play the second installment of this game. However, they haven’t mentioned any specific release date for this sequel. So to know the official release date of this game, the players have to wait for the makers to announce it officially. Once they announce it, they will be able to check it on their official website.

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