Space Dandy Season 3

Space Dandy Season 3: Confirmed for 2021? Plot Details From Manga & Details

It has been more than four years since the fans last saw an episode of Space Dandy, and now they are getting desperate to see Space Dandy Season 3. The second season of the anime series ended with a major cliffhanger, and the fans thought they would see the third installment very soon. However, it is yet to premiere. So will it ever return? Continue reading to know more.

Space Dandy is a Japanese sci-fi anime series. Bones Studio developed this show. It follows the misadventure of Dandy, who is an alien hunter. The anime series made its debut on January 4, 2014. The second season premiered a year later in 2015. Both the installments received a great response from the fan as well as the critics. And ever since the release of the last episode, the fans are waiting for the release of the third season.

Space Dandy Season 3

Space Dandy Season 3: Renewal Details!

Bones Studio who produced the first two installments of the anime series is pretty tight-lipped regarding its future. It neither renewed nor canceled the anime show for its third installment. And that means the future of Space Dandy Season 3 is still up in the air. It is still waiting to get the green signal from the creators. They even stopped publishing the manga adaptation of the anime series after the story of the second season. Since the second season of the anime got the perfect ending, and it also teased that the anime will return for its third installment. Therefore the fans are still hopeful that it will return sooner or later. 

Space Dandy Season 3

Will The Anime Ever Return?

The fans are really getting desperate to see the weirdest alien hunter they’ve ever seen. However, they are still waiting for the renewal for the further installment of the series from Bones Studio. The second season’s finale ended with an ambiguous end card that reads, “May be continued?” And that was the only time they teased Space Dandy Season 3. The teasing has been intensified over all these years. 

Back in 2014, the staff of Adult Swim Toonami discussed the future of the anime series. They said, “It’s quite possible that Dandy will return as a film or OVA, less likely that there will be a new TV series. We hope for more, Dandy, though!” Therefore now it’s totally upon the makers of the anime whether the fans will see the third season of Space Dandy or not. 

Space Dandy Season 3: Plot Details!

The story of the anime series revolves around an alien hunter known as Dandy. His job is to hunt the rare aliens in the galaxy. The third season of this show will continue to show his misadventures with his team in the space. In Space Dandy Season 3, the fans will get to see whether Meow goes back to his family and time or not. And they find unique aliens in some other galaxies as well with a lot of fun in it. Johnny’s opponent of the Gogal empire prepares a lot of mischievous things for Dandy. Now it will be interesting to see how he will stop him.

Space Dandy Season 3

Space Dandy Season 3: Release Date

The fans are still waiting for the green signal from the makers of the series. Bones Studio already revealed its show until the year 2021. So if they produced the series again, they would only begin working on it after 2021. So, if Space Dandy Season 3 happens to get a green signal from the makers, it might premiere sometime around 2023. 


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