April 22, 2024
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The A List Season 2: Will There Be A Second Season? Everything You Should Know

The A List Season 2: Back in 2018, Dan Brelinka and Nina Metivier came up with a British teen thriller, The A List. The show was released on BBC and then later on Netflix. After the first season was released, fans have been quite eager for The A List season 2. What is happening to it? Keep reading to find out.


The A list follows a group of teenagers who move to an isolated island for their summer camp. The show sees Mia, who comes to the island expecting that she would be the head of the social pecking. Then another girl, Amber, comes in. She instantly becomes very popular. Mia starts getting jealous of all the attention Amber is getting and starts suspecting that something very dark and unnatural is associated with Amber. What’s happening next? Here are all the details-

The A List Season 2: Renewal Status

After the show finished airing the first thirteen episodes of the initial season, BBC had confirmed that they would not move ahead with The A List Season 2. They did not reveal the reason for canceling the show. However, we can assume that one of the reasons for this cancellation is the viewership ratings. It is possible that the show did not meet the viewership expectation of the creators. Also, the show did get quite mixed reviews. 

With that said, here is good news for all The A-List fans. BBC has indeed canceled the show, but that does not mean that The A List Season 2 is not happening. Soon after BBC canceled the show, Netflix had picked it up. Now, Netflix will be coming out with The A List Season 2. Co-creator Nina Metivier confirmed this news in an interview with Deadline

Who Would Be Coming Back?

Fans can expect to see the whole main cast of The A List to come back for the second season. The cast of the show includes a young batch of actors who come in to play teenage characters. First on the comeback list is Lisa Ambalavanar, who plays the character of Mia, a mean girl who resents her parents for sending her on this trip. Ambalavanar is popular for her role in BBC Doctors. In an interview, Ambalavanar says that she absolutely loved being on the show. It is well-written, and she loved playing a strong female character. Commenting on the cast, she says that it is diverse and represents today’s youth without stereotyping them. 

We can also expect to see Elli Duckles as Amber, the new girl in the camp. At the beginning of the show, everyone thought of her as a very nice girl, but eventually, it turns out that she isn’t as nice as one might think she is. Talking about her role, Duckles says that Amber is a baddie. There is a lot to her than what meets the eye. Amber is a bit scary, and you don’t understand why she did what she did, and all of it is very intense. 

The A-list Season 2

Jacob Dudman might also be coming back as Dev, the hero in the series. In an interview, Dudman says that he initially thought that The A-List is also just like any other tv show where Dev is the male lead, but then eventually, he understood that this story is about two very strong female leads. It is important to have a narrative like that. 

When Would It Release?

Earlier reports suggested that The A List Season 2 would release sometime in August 2020, that did not happen. COVID-19 took over everything and paused all plans. So, just like all other TV shows, The A List Season 2 did not get into production. Ever s ince this delay, the creators have not given us any hint on when the show would come back. However, Fans can expect it to release sometime in 2021.

The A List Season 2 will deal with the fate of many other characters that were left in the first season. We will keep you posted with all the updates about the show as we get it. So you stay tuned. In the meantime, the first season of The A List is available on Netflix for you to watch if you haven’t already. 

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