April 23, 2024
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Good Morning Call Season 3: On-Cards? Will It Ever Return? Everything To Know!

Good Morning Call Season 3

The fans have been waiting to see the premiere of Good Morning Call Season 3 for quite a while now. They last saw this show three years back on Netflix. And since then, everyone is waiting for its third installment. The show is one of a kind and also received quite some positive response from the viewers. Plus, the viewers loved the performance from the cast of this show. Still, they haven’t seen its third season yet. So will they ever see it? Keep reading to know.


Good Morning Call is a Japanese live-action TV series. It is an adaptation of the manga of the same title by Yue Takasuka. It was first published in 1998 and concluded in 2002 after its eleventh volume. The series made its debut on February 12, 2016. Netflix released the second season of this show after one year on September 22, 2017. Both seasons got a great response from the critics as well as its viewers. 

Good Morning Call Season 3

Good Morning Call Season 3: Renewal Status!

Over the course of these preceding three years, the viewers have seen a lot of rumors which were hinting the makers canceled this show. However, in reality, they neither renewed nor canceled the series for its third season. And according to the latest reports and the show’s social media, Good Morning Season 3 is currently in discussion. The makers are still figuring out whether they want to renew the show for its third season or not. Therefore the fans can expect them to announce the fate of the series very soon officially. 

Will The Show Ever Return?

Currently, all the odds are in favor of the return of the series. If the makers managed to gather the same cast members for its further installment, then it is quite likely that it will happen. The fans really liked the good looking and fascinating cast of this show. So, it is important for the makers to cast them again. Plus, the positive response and the critical acclamation will also work in favor of the series. Therefore, the chances are great that the fans will see Good Morning Call Season 3 very soon. 

Good Morning Call Season 3

Storyline Of Good Morning Call

The story of this show takes place in Tokyo. It follows the indifferent-turned-love connection between the main characters of the series, Nao and Hisashi. Both of them live mutually as flatmates in Tokyo, without anyone’s learning at school. At first, Nao is different from fine and popular Hisashi. However, she soon grows feelings for him.

Later, Nao and Hisashi announce their love for each other and start their relationship. It was not long that life befell, and their connection got under stress. They were not able to spend time together, and other challenges were also there. Therefore they decided to split up. Now Nao has to undergo a peculiar journey in order to re-invent herself. However, there is still no clue what Good Morning Call Season 3 will be about. 

Good Morning Call Season 3

Good Morning Call Season 3: Release Date

The makers are still discussing the renewal of the show for its third season. If they renew it by the end of this year, then the fans can expect to see Good Morning Call Season 3 sometime in the year 2022. 

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