April 13, 2024
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Gone Season 2: Renewed? When Will It Arrive? Cast & More Details

Gone Season 2

Gone Season 2: Created by Matt Lopez, Gone is an international police procedural crime drama that released back in 2017-2018 in various parts of the world. Ever since the first season released, fans have been looking forward to Gone Season 2.


Inspired by Chelsea Cain’s novel- One Kick, the show revolves around Kit “Kick” Lannigan, who was abducted as a child. FBI Agent Frank Novak rescues her, and later on, she herself becomes a part of the FBI agent. Upon the release, Gone has bagged 92% Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.5 IMDB rating. This is a decent review score. Now that it has been some time since the first season ended, it is time to look at what could be happening in Gone Season 2. Here is everything to know about it- 

Gone Season 2: What Could Happen Next?

The first season of Gone concluded with Kit interrogating her abductor Mel Foster. Mel revealed that he was the one who had been sending letters to Kit that she never opened. When Gone Season 2 comes back, we can expect to see Mel Foster and Kit Lannigan dealing with the letters and answer what was in the letters and why did he sent it to her. Lit might get the answers to questions like who is the head of this whole child abduction network and how many high profile people are involved. Gone Season 2 might witness Kit and the whole team going after these figures of importance. She might also be successful in rescuing more children. 

Gone Season 2

Who Will Be On The Show?

We can hope to see the entire original cast coming back to reprise their roles in Gone Se ason 2. That means Chris Noth will reprise his role as the FBI agent Frank Novak. He was the one who rescued Kick from her kidnappers when she was only a child. He has been able to maintain a pretty strong presence in Kick’s childhood after she came back to her family. There was a point when she, in fact, thought of him as a father figure. 

Another actor who might reprise her role is Leven Rambin, who would come back as Kit “Kick” Lannigan. She was abducted as a child and was raised by her kidnappers for five years until Frank Novak found her. After coming back to her family, she was facing difficulties in coping with this shift, so she started taking self-defense classes that would help her deal with the aggression. This is the same time Lannigan changes her name to Kick to reflect her personal growth. 

Gone Season 2

Other actors we think can reprise their roles include Danny Pino, who might come back as John Bishop, the new FBI agent who previously was in the military. By the end of the first season, fans come to know that Bishop was actually involved in Novak’s first case when he witnessed his brother being taken away when they were only six. Another one is Andy Mientus, who plays James Finley, another former victim who is now a part of Novak’s force. Last is Maya Kennedy, the FBI agent on Novak’s task force. She was with Novak when they established this new force. 

Gone Season 6: Possible Release Date

Gone is an international show which was produced by VOX in France and RTL in Germany. The show premiered in Australia on November 13, 2017, and in 2018 in France. The series aired in the U.K. in March 2018 and in the U.S. in June 2018. So, it has been approximately two years since the show was released. There have been no updates about the show ever since. The show has not been renewed, but the good news is, it hasn’t been canceled either. Given the kind of viewership and ratings the show had received, we can expect Gone Season 2. We will keep you updated with all the news about the show as we get it. So, you stay tuned. 

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