April 13, 2024
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Blood & Treasure Season 2: When Will It Arrive? Plot, Release Date & Everything To Know

Blood & Treasure Season 2

The fans have been waiting for Blood & Treasure Season 2 for the past one and a half year. However, they haven’t seen it yet. They are getting more and more curious about each passing day to watch the second season. And it finally seems like the hiatus will be over soon. So if you’re also a fan of this show and want to know when it will release, just keep reading.


Blood & Treasure is an American action drama TV series. Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia created this show. They also serve as writers and ex-producers of the series. The show made its debut on May 21, 2019, and ran for twelve episodes. The finale episode of the inaugural season aired on August 6, 2019, and ever since then, everyone is waiting for its second installment. 

Blood & Treasure Season 2

Blood & Treasure Season 2: Production Status!

Despite having a mixed response from the critics, CBS renewed the show for its second season even before the finale of the first one. The makers gave the green signal to the second season in June 2019. The cast and crew of this series began filming for it in October 2019. However, before they complete it, the production shutdown happened. Therefore they had to delay their schedule by five to six months. And there are still no words when they would resume filming for Blood & Treasure Season 2. The fans can expect from the makers that they will reveal some information about it very soon. 

What Will Happen?

The second season of the series will resolve the cliffhanger ending that the fans saw in the debut season. In the last second episode of the previous installment, the fans saw the return of the Queen

. Her return already created a lot of new threats. So now it is likely that Blood & Treasure Season 2 will throw the spotlight on the character of Danny.

In the first season’s finale, the fans also saw Danny puting all the pieces of the mystery together, and they’re capable of taking down Reece. Later on, he is seen carrying an Interpol badge and heads a task force to capture Simon. Therefore, now the fans can expect to see more twists and turns and some mind-blowing moments in the upcoming season. 

Blood & Treasure Season 2

Who Will Be In It?

Although the makers haven’t revealed any official information regarding the cast of the second season, there are some characters that will definitely return for it. The characters that the fans will surely see in Blood & Treasure Season 2 include Sofia Pernas as “Lexi Waziri,” Katia Winter as “Gwen Karlsson,” Mark Gagliardi as ‘Father Chuck,” Alicia Coppola as “Anna Castillo,” and James Callis as “Simon Hardwick.”

Blood & Treasure Season 2

Blood & Treasure Season 2: Release Date 

When the makers announced the second season of the series, they also revealed that it would premiere in 2020. However, that is not happening because of the global health crisis. So it is likely that Blood & Treasure Season 2 will premiere in the first half of 2021. However, to know the exact release date, we have to wait for the official announcement from the creators. 

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