Warrior Season 3

Warrior Season 3: Petition Begin! Andrew Speaks About The Coming Fate, Know Everything Below

The finale of the second installment of Warrior will soon air on the web. But fans have already started anticipating about Warrior Season 3. Is the future season renewed? When will it be airing, and what newness will it be bringing to the show? We have a whole package of updates ahead; scroll below to know.

Warrior is an action drama series based on the original life of Bruce Lee. Shannon Lee and Justin Lin produce the series. It first came upon the floor in the year 2019 on Cinemax. We see the story around the 1870s during the Tong Wars. Andrew Koji plays the protagonist, Ah Sahm.

The character is a martial art prodigy who moves from China to San Fransico in search of his sister. Ah Sahm slowly catches the attention of the tongs. Bonds are pushed further and put under various circumstances until the next twist arrives. We see the protagonist struggling to make his place and name in the new world.

Warrior Season 3

The series received both popular and critical acclamation. The real concept of the famous Bruce Lee’s vision is depicted perfectly. Let us further have a deeper look at Warrior Season 3.

Will There Be Warrior Season 3?

The situation of Pandemic has made many artists lose their jobs. Therefore, they are trying to look out for themselves in a more active way. Andrew Koji speaks about the coming installment in an interview with Inverse. The current situation is difficult and even costly for series like these. However, we have also witnessed the cancellation of the wrestling show “Glow.” Indeed we can sense the struggle for Warrior Season 3 as well.

Warrior Season 3

Koji says, “It would be a career goal to finish the story.” Even though other cast members become busy doing other things, it would be koji’s first priority to provide a proper ending to the show.

Petition For The Renewal!

A petition has started on Change.org for the renewal of season three is catching a lot of attention on the web. It was first started by Stuart Tomlinson. The petitions quotes, “The brilliant has introduced the world to characters inspired by the writings of Bruce Lee… Unfortunately, Cinemax has recently been dissolved unexpectedly. This meant that only is the starting date and program location of season 2 up in the air, but that season 3 is now unlikely to be made unless another broadcasting channel picks it up.” 

The petition, therefore, asks for help and support so as to gather more love globally. Indeed, collecting the values will help change the decision and build one in favor of the series.

Warrior Season 3: Cast And Crew Returning

We will definitely see the lead Ah Sahm played by Andrew Koji. Along with him, there will be more of Dianne Doan as Mai Ling, Olivia Cheng as Ah Toy, Joanna Vanderham as Penelope Blake, and Jason Tobin as Young Jun. However, seeing any new faces ahead isn’t yet confirmed.

Warrior Season 3

Warrior Season 3: Release Date

We have to wait for the finale of the second season to come up on the web. The response of the ongoing season will confirm the fate of the upcoming one. Let us wait further to get the series picked up on any platforms. Till then, stay in virtual touch with us for more updates.


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