Victoria Season 4

Victoria Season 4: Renewed? What’s Coming Up On The Show? All Details

Victoria Season 4: It has been a long time since Jenna Coleman played the character of Victoria on our screen. Ever since then, fans have been excited and looking forward to Victoria Season 4. The last we saw of the show was the third season that was released in May 2019. Ever since the release, we have all been looking forward to more of the show. What is happening next? When will Victoria Season 4 release? Here are all the details-

Victoria Season 4: Renewal Status

Ever since the release, there has been no update on whether we will get more of the show or not. The unpleasant news is that ITV has not yet renewed the show, and the good news is that the show hasn’t been canceled either. The third season of the show ended with a cliffhanger. So, we can expect the show to come back with Victoria Season 4.

Earlier in an interview with Digital Spy, the creator of the show Daisy Goodwin said that they had started working on Victoria Season 4. But at that time, everything was in a humdinger. This statement hinted that Victoria Season 4 was indeed happening. The issue here is that it has been more than a year since the last batch of episodes aired, and shows don’t usually take that long to get renewed. So, we must wait for an official announcement before raising our hopes.

Victoria Season 4

What’s Coming Up Next?

The latest and the third season of the show saw the Chartist movement taking a big shape. Things become very serious in London. After all that happened, Victoria left Cornwall to make sure she is safe. When she came back, Feodra Victoria and her husband Prince Albert started sailing. Their marriage was on the edge of falling apart. The third season of Victoria ended with Prince Albert as he collapsed in Buckingham Palace.

The way the third season of the show ended, it opened doors for a number of possible storylines for Victoria Season 4. Fans can expect the next installment to move forward in the backdrop of 1851. Fans can also expect to see Queen Victoria as she goes to the murky waters.

In an interview, the creators of the show revealed that the fourth season would be the darkest season fans have seen so far. Daisy Goodwin says that an important character will die in the upcoming season of the show. In the interview, she said that someone would die in the next season, and that is one of the biggest challenges they are facing. She also hinted at new entries in the cast.

Victoria Season 4

When Will It Release?

Given that The Victoria Season 4 has not been green-lit yet, it is tough to say when the show would release. However, what we know is that the show is bound to get delayed. There are a number of reasons for this delay. One of the biggest reasons for this delay is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Another big reason for this delay is the busy schedule of the cast. Jenna Coleman, who plays Queen Victoria on the show, is quite busy. So, she hasn’t been able to give time to Season 4. So, that will delay the show. We don’t know yet when the show would come back, but we can all be hopeful that Victoria Season 4 would commence production in early 2021 and release the episode by the end of the year. We will keep you updated with all the new information about the show as we get it. So, you stay tuned.


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