Lovecraft Country Season 2

Lovecraft Country Season 2: Canceled Or Renewed? Everything To Know About The Second Installment!

It’s only been a month since the fans saw the debut season finale of Lovecraft Country, and now they are already getting desperate to know about Lovecraft Country Season 2. The series already became one of the most anticipated shows of the upcoming year. The viewers really loved the perfect blend of horror, action, and romance in the show. So when the following season will release? Here’s everything to know.

Lovecraft Country is an American horror-drama TV series. Misha Green developed this show for HBO. It is a remake and a continuation of the 2016 novel of the same name by Matt Ruff. The show made its debut on August 16, 2020, on the network and received a great response from the fans. The critics also praised the show for its perfect blend of horror and romance. 

Lovecraft Country Season 2

Lovecraft Country Season 2: Renewal Status!

Despite getting a positive response from the viewers as well as the critics, HBO is yet to renew the show for its second installment. It is normal for any network to take a month or two before renewing any show to analyze its performance. The reviews are already great. Now the network will only explore the viewership and ratings of the inaugural season, which seems to be promising.

Therefore, the fans don’t have to worry about Lovecraft Country Season 2 because they will undoubtedly hear the official announcement of its renewal sooner or later. Plus, the cliffhanger ending of the first season increased the possibility of its renewal even more. So it is likely that there will be a second season.

Lovecraft Country Season 2

What To Expect From The Second Season?

In the ending moments of the debut season, the fans saw Dee killing Christina Braithwhite with her new, robotic arm. And with that ending, the first season exhausted all the source material from the novel. That means the fans will see an entirely new story in the upcoming season.

The showrunner, Misha Green, also talked about the same in her recent interview with Deadline. She said, “With the finale, I desired to bring the arc of the initial season to a close while opening the door to the next. I imagine a second installment that carries on the passion of Matt Ruff’s novel by advancing to improve the genre storytelling time that people of color have typically been left out of.” 

Lovecraft Country Season 2

Now, Lovecraft Country Season 2 could explore a distinct route ahead of Atticus’ heritage and see how the Black society is growing in their new, mystic gifts. These gifts are now restricted to them and unavailable to white people, namely any previous Sons of Adam or other practitioners.

Lovecraft Country Season 2: Release Date

The fans are still waiting for HBO to give the green light to the second season of the series. It is likely that the network will renew it by the end of this year. And if this happens, the fans can expect to see Lovecraft Country Season 2 in late 2021 or in early 2022. It is only a prediction, and to know its official release date, we have to wait for the creators to announce it officially. 


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