My First First Love Season 3

My First First Love Season 3: Confirmed? Tae-o & Song-i Married? Release Date

Kdrama sequels are everything that fans dream of. Most Kdrama series, even the popular ones, rarely get renewed for a second season. Luckily, now that Netflix has started producing Original Korean shows, we can finally get to watch their sequels. Hence, chances for the return of My First First Love Season 3 are pretty high. When will it release? Will Tae-o and Song-i get married? Here’s everything you need to know about the show.

My First First Love is the reboot of 2015’s famous South Korean drama My First Time. It debuted as a Netflix Original series back in April 2019 and won the hearts of millions of subscribers from all around the globe. Unlike other kdramas, the coming-of-age series did not make its viewers wait for a second season. A second season arrived within a few months in July 2019. Ever since, diehard fans have been waiting to watch where the story of their favorite characters go in Season 3.

The plot of the heartwarming show centers around five college students and their messy encounters with the concept of first love. Aside from the romance, the series was also appreciated for its adorable depiction of friendship between them. These characters are all memorable, including the leads, Yun Tae-o, and his long-time childhood friend Han Song-i. Their lives change as Song-i, alongside two of Tae-o’s friends (Choe Hun & Oh Ga-rin), end up living together.

My First First Love Season 3

My First First Love Season 3: Confirmed Or Canceled?

Netflix finally changed the annoying old tradition of kdramas getting canceled after the first season. With popular sequels like the Stranger Season 2, Kingdom Season 2 & 3 alongside the much-awaited Love Alarm Season 2, the trend seems to be shifting. Hence, there’s still hope for the return of My First First Love.

On the other hand, given the popularity of the latest Netflix Original Korean shows, the demand for sequels is increasing day by day. My First First Love is one of the most loved kdramas on the streaming platforms. It was also commercially successful, and an instant hit amongst international audiences. Most importantly, the ending of the series was bitter-sweet for a lot of viewers, and there’s still room to expand the story. Hence, My First First Love Season 3 is likely to make a grand comeback.

My First First Love Season 3

However, neither Netflix nor the show’s production studio AStory has confirmed the renewal. Well, even though that does not rule out the possibility of another season, it’s better to wait for an official announcement. We will update this section as soon as the news arrives.

What Will Be The Plot Of The New Season?

Even though it was predictable, but the plot of the second season changed substantially from the first one. While a lot of viewers liked the Do-Hyeon and Song-i together, others always shipped her with Tae-o. Well, the latter came true as the childhood friends ended up falling for each other towards the end of Season 2. Whereas, poor Do-Hyeon moved away with his father and had to bid farewell to Tae-o, Song-i, and the group.

My First First Love Season 3

On the other hand, Hun left his father’s place for good, while Ga-Rin had to return to her home again. Now that the group has separated, fans are demanding a reunion in My First First Love Season 3. Tae-o and Song-i are likely to remain a couple in the upcoming season as well. Although their dynamic might change as they become adults. In fact, viewers are also expecting them to get hitched. Well, their marriage might reunite the friends in the latest episodes.

My First First Love Season 3: Release Date

Netflix is yet to announce the official renewal of the highly-anticipated Kdrama sequel. However, it is likely to arrive sometime soon. The streamer will have to gather the cast of the show for the productions. The filming might begin once all actors are available. Besides, the production process will probably take around a year to wrap. Hence, the release date of My First First Love Season 3 might fall sometime around March or April 2021. Keep an eye on this corner for all future updates.

Who’s your favorite character on the show? What are your expectations from My First First Love Season 3? Please share with us in the comments below.


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