Is Anderson Cooper Married?

Is Anderson Cooper Married? Everything To Know About The Love Life of This Anchor

Is Anderson Cooper Married? Everyone is getting desperate to know the answer to this question after the birth of Wyatt Morgan Cooper, his newly born son. The CNN news anchor is a very famous personality. He recently has a baby with his former partner. And this news again brings some questions about the relationship status of the anchor. So if you also want to know the answers, just keep reading. 

Anderon Cooper was born on June 3, 1967. He is an American TV journalist. Anderson is a primary anchor of CNN news broadcast Anderson Cooper 360 degree. The network usually broadcast this show live from New York. But they sometimes also broadcast it from the studio in Washington DC. Back in 2011, Anderson also served as the host of his own eponymous show titled Anderson Live. 

Is Anderson Cooper Married?

Anderson Cooper Relationship With Benjamin Maisani

Anderson Cooper recently split up with his long term partner Benjamin Maisani. The couple was dealing with lots of problems lately and hence decided to broken up with each other. Anderson Cooper issued an official statement regarding this break up to Daily Mail. In this statement, he said, “Benjamin and I parted as boyfriends some time ago. We are still family to each other, and admire each other very much… we are still the best of friends, and will continue to experience much of our lives together.” Anderson never revealed the reason for this breakup, but it was speculated to be the busy schedule of him. 

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Anderson’s Relationship With Victor Lopez

Many people believe that Anderson broke up with Benjamin because of Victor Lopez. He spent a lot of time in Dallas, the hometown of Lopez. Sometime later, they confirmed their relationship by posting a picture on Instagram. According to the reports, they broke up in mid-2019, when Anderson was mourning the loss of his mother. And even in a hard time, Victor was nowhere to be seen around him. Hence, this incident confirmed the split between Victor and Anderson.

Does He Have Any Children?

Yes! Anderson Cooper recently became a proud father of a baby boy. He named his son “Wyatt Morgan Cooper” after being inspired by his parents. He also posted on Instagram in which revealed the entire reason behind the name of his son. His son was born via surrogate on April 30, 2020. 

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Is Anderson Cooper Married?

No, at present, he is not even in a relationship with anyone. He is giving all his attention to his son Wyatt. However, he is still like a family with his former partner Benjamin. So it is possible the fans might see their patch up. But there is no telling whether and when will this happen or not. 


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