March 3, 2024
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Selling Sunset Season 4: Davina And Brett Left The Oppenheim Group, Will Fans See Them Further? Last Season?

Selling Sunset Season 4

Davina Potratz and Brett Oppenheim decided to return Selling Sunset Season 4 but not as an agent and founder of The Oppenheim Group. Brett and Davina appeared in the first season of Selling Sunset. In which, Brett was the co-founder of The Oppenheim Group brokerage group besides the twin brothers Jason. And Davina was working as a real estate agent there.


Now, it looks like both Davina and Brett have enough of the melodrama from The Oppenheim Group. That’s why they decided to join Season 4.

Selling Sunset, created by Adam DiVello, is a reality show on Netflix. It centers on Los Angeles’ high-end residential properties marketed by The Oppenheim Group, the brokerage firm. It follows the deals that real estate agents crack and their personal and professional lives.

Selling Sunset Season 4: What Will Happen Next?

Would Delve Into Davina And Brett’s Life

Davina and Brett had left The Oppenheim Group and decided to pursue new opportunities. Although, as per TMZ, the cameras will still follow the events that happen in their life after leaving The Oppenheim Group. Now, Brett decided to open a new brokerage firm. At the same time, Davina has joined The Oppenheim Group’s rival firm Douglas Elliman as a real estate agent in Beverly Hills.

Will Selling Sunset Continue Portraying Their Life?

However, it’s still unclear whether the cameras would follow the life of Brett and Davina or not. But, the sources said that probably the pilot episode of season 4 would continue navigating their life and career outside The Oppenheim Group. But, it’s unsure how they would deal with the outside forces apart from The Oppenheim Group.

Davina Would Be The Center Of The Show

Well, we all know Brett is a little tame regarding the office drama. While Davina has been the center of the show over the past three seasons. Also, Selling Sunset wouldn’t be the same if Davina won’t comment on the other cast members’ personal business. So, it would be thrilling to see how things turns dramatic when Davina joins Douglas Elliman brokerage firm.

Selling Sunset Season 4: When Filming For The Next Season Begin?

Initially, it was believed that Selling Sunset Season 4 would resume filming this year. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the filming for the fourth season pushed a little further. Now, as per the news, Season 4 would begin filming in spring 2021. Also, one of the main characters, Christine Quinn, said that she and her other team members of Selling Sunset have already finalized their deals and are ready to entertain their fans.

Selling Sunset Season 4: Who Will Join The Cast?

It’s obvious that Christine Quinn will return to join the drama as she returns to work at the agency. Apart from her, other cast members including founder Jason Oppenheim, Chrishell Stause, and Mary’s husband, Romain Bonnet will return. Also, Davina Potratz and Brett Oppenheim would likely join the cast for a while.

Selling Sunset Season 4: Release Date

Well, Selling Sunset Season 4 won’t return until 2021. But, it’s still unclear if they would follow Brett and Davina’s story arc as they have quit The Oppenheim. However, fans have to wait to know what would happen in the next season. So, we can expect Season 4 to return in late 2021.

Is Season 4 The Last Season?

You can breathe a sigh of relief as Selling Sunset Season 4 isn’t the last season of the show. The network has already ordered Selling Sunset Season 5 while renewing the fourth season. However, it’s unsure when they would return for the fifth season.

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