April 13, 2024
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Britannia Season 3: Production Resumed! Addition Of A New Cast Member! Everything To Know

Britannia Season 3

The fans will be very happy after knowing that the cast and crew of Britannia Season 3 are finally back on the sets to resume its filming. They had to halt its production after the sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. Plus, the makers recently revealed that a new member would be joining the cast of the third season. So who this member really is? Keep reading to know.


Britannia is a British historical fantasy drama TV series. Jez Butterworth and Tom Butterworth created this show. It was the first co-production between Amazon Prime Video and Sky. The show made its debut on January 18, 2018, on Sky Atlantic in a weekly pattern. Whereas the second season was released in a single go on Amazon Prime Video on November 7, 2019. Both seasons received a great response from the fans as well as the critics. 

Britannia Season 3

Production Status of The Second Season!

Earlier this year, in January, the makers renewed the show for its third installment. The cast and crew started the production for it after some time. However, it didn’t last for long. They had to pause the filming due to the sudden outbreak of the global pandemic.

In June 2020, Epix announced that it would partner with Sky to produce the further installments of this show. After two months of this announcement, the cast and crew got back on the sets to resume filming for Britannia Season 3. If everything goes well, they will soon call the wrap for it.

Sophie Okendo Joined The Cast Of The Third Season!

The most recent addition to the cast of the third season of Britannia is Sophie Okendo. She has been in this industry for more than 20 years and has already appeared in several hit shows and movies. She is very well renowned for her roles in “Death of the Nile” and “Ratched

.” Now she joined the cast of Britannia Season 3 as “Hemple,” the wife of General Aulus.

Britannia Season 3

Sophie is also very excited to join this show. After her casting, she said, “I’m very happy to be dived into the mysterious and incredible world of Britannia. I was already a follower of the series and a fan of its writers Jez and Tom Butterworth. So I bounced for joy when they granted me the amazing character of Hemple. Without giving out too much, I’ll only say this woman has a large appetite.”

Britannia Season 3: Plot Details!

The makers of this series are pretty tight-lipped regarding the plot of the upcoming season. They are not slipping out any details for the fans to know before its premiere. In the previous two seasons, the fans saw Celt families’ romanization with an assisting hand from Queen Amena. And the story advances, hoping that Cait would save Britannia and accomplish the prophecy.

Now, in Britannia Season 3, Aulus is facing a new dark force in the form of her wife, Hemple. According to Sky’s description, she arrives in Britannia to discover why her husband has failed with Lokka’s mission to catch the chosen one, Cait.

Britannia Season 3

Britannia Season 3: Release Date

The cast members already resume the production for the third season almost three months back. So it is likely that the fans won’t have to wait very long to see the third season of the series. The fans can expect Britannia Season 3 to release in the first half of 2021. 

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