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Danmachi Season 3 Episode 9: Preview Out! Plot, Release Date & All The Latest Details

Danmachi Season 3 Episode 9

The title of Danmachi Season 3 Episode 9 is “Stigma.” Only four episodes are left in the third season of this anime. Therefore, the fans can expect all of them to be more intense than the previous ones. The anime became fans’ favorite ever since it made its debut. And now it’s successfully moving towards its third season finale. 


In the next episode of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon, Hestia and Bell will go out for a stroll. Bell is also about to face the consequence of the actions he did in the previous episode. He almost became the enemy of humanity, and now he will pay for what he did. Now, if you want to know more about what will happen next, just continue reading. 

Danmachi Season 3 Episode 9

Danmachi Season 3 Episode 9: Preview & Plot Details!

The official preview for the upcoming episode hinted that Bell long with Hestia would go out. The events are kind of similar to the events that happened at the starting of the eleventh volume of the LN series. Bell almost destroyed the city with a wrong move in the previous episode, and after a few days of that event, Bell wants to go out. And then the fans can already anticipate what happens next. The citizens will criticize him for what he did in the complexity. However, Hestia will be there to save him. 

Now, in Danmachi Season 3 Episode 9, Bell and Hestia’s visit will lead them to Hostess of Fertility. Later Bell will realize that the workers of the pub still trusts him and too without completely knowing the reasons behind his actions. Later both of them will also be going to encounter Ais and Loki. It is likely that the next episode will cover the first two chapters of the eleventh volume of the LN series. Therefore the fans can expect it to end with a cliffhanger. 


Previous Episode Recap!

In the previous episode, the fans saw Bell standing in front of the frightening monster with his hands spread out, trying to defend it. This scene gathers some audience, and everyone watches this view from safety as Bell blocks Loki from killing the monster.

Lyd and other Xenos arrive on the scene and hold Loki, and continuously tried to distract him. However, they are no match for Loki, and he defeated them easily. Meanwhile, Wiene gets trapped in a snare of adventurers and was killed in front of the eyes of Bell. As Bell mourns her death, Fels sings a spell and successfully resurrected her.

Danmachi Season 3 Episode 9

Danmachi Season 3 Episode 9: Release Date

The fans don’t have to wait very long to watch the upcoming episode of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon. Danmachi Season 3 Episode 9 will release on Saturday, November 28, 2020. The new episodes of this anime will be available to stream on Aniplus and Crunchyroll. 

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