The Spanish Princess Season 3

The Spanish Princess Season 3: Renewed Or Canceled? Will There Be Any Spin-Off?

There’s a good and bad news for The Spanish Princess fans. We all have to say a final goodbye to Catherine of Aragon as The Spanish Princess Season 3 won’t be happening. But, the good news is that Starz has decided to bring an installment that will explore another glorified character of English history. Not only that, but the network has also planned plenty of surprises for its fans. Well, let’s go ahead and check what Starz is planning to bring on our plate.

Starz has already produced three series centered on women of ages who belong to the English royal family and faced the Wars of the Roses before the Tudor dynasty. The Spanish Princess was one such story centered on Queen Catherine of Aragon’s early life and her relationship with Henry VIII (Ruairi O’Connor).

The Spanish Princess Season 3: Has It Renewed For The Next Season?

Unfortunately, there’s bitter news for fans as Starz has decided to end the story ahead of The Spanish Princess Season 3. So, it’s a farewell time for fans to say the last goodbye to Queen Catherine (Charlotte Hope). Initially, it planned to portray the early years of Catherine of Aragon and how she reached Tudor court that only consist of eight episodes.

However, unlike its other pre-installments, The White Queen, and The White Princess, The Spanish Princess continues to sixteen episodes. That turned into two seasons, which initially wasn’t on their list. At the time when the network renewed the show for the second season, the creators were blessed to return in order to give proper justice to the story of Catherine of Aragon.

Is There Any Chance Of Season 3?

Yesterday The Spanish Princess Season 2 concluded their story. However, before its release, the network has already decided to end the story of Queen Catherine. The finale titled Peace was the last chapter, and now there’s no plan to continue the story.

However, to build fans’ excitement, Matthew Graham and Emma Frost brought two epic finales. On which COO Jeffrey Hirsch said that Emma and Matthew had created a compelling show from one of the famous English histories. But there’s no point in stretching the show.

Will There Be Any Next Installment?

Well, there’s a chance that Starz would return with the next installment. Currently, the network is planning to bring another royal story to take everyone back in time. Now, the network is planning to explore the story of Eleanor of Aquitaine. She was the queen companion of both England and France in the 12th century. Well, the unnamed show will be an adaption of Alison Weir’s 1999 biography of Eleanor and its ally novel Captive Queen.

Speaking on the next installment, Susie Conklin will serve as the show’s writer and executive producer. Susie said it’s such an exciting opportunity to work on Eleanor’s story. Well, it’s actually thrilling to know that how a woman of the 12th century can be so determined and live on her own terms. Especially what she does in her life is extraordinary.

Starz Looking For More Such Shows

While news about Eleanor came out, Starz announced that it is planning a slate of shows that would be inspired by such extraordinary women of history. However, these shows wouldn’t portray the feminine historical figure.

It would rather delve into the fantastic and fierce things that women of those periods had done. The Starz president of programming, Christina Davis, hinted at the source of the show. She added that they would consider Alison Weir’s novels to draft a storyline for such shows.

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