May 20, 2024
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Doctor Who Christmas Special 2020: New Sleek Design For Daleks, Cast Returning, Plot, & Release Date

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2020

Get ready for a festive special as Jodie Whittaker is returning as the Thirteenth Doctor with her allies for Doctor Who Christmas Special 2020. Well, the showrunner has already teased the Revolution of the Daleks. However, how it looks is more thrilling. Many of you have already pictured some of the cool changes in Daleks. But, to elevate your excitement level, the network has recently released the trailer, and you can see Daleks’ new looks there. Let’s see how Daleks looks like in their totally new look.


Doctor Who Christmas Special 2020: Trailer Teased Changes In Iconic Character

The recently released trailer hints at the Revolution of the Daleks, the iconic villains of all time. But, don’t worry, as their iconic style isn’t changed. Daleks would appear in their classic bronze model. But, there are some changes to refresh the character, said the showrunner Chris Chiball. So, it’s on their check-list to include some interesting elements in the outer space unique alien species.

Glossy New Design Revealed

The new satin design of Daleks will hike your excitement level and support the Christmas unique Revolution of the Daleks. Recently, the magazine revealed their new look, although their bronze exterior is still there. But, it’s now in an all-black finish. Further, the bright blue lights blend beautifully with its look. The cover page of the Radio Times magazine says, “Call the Doctor!” as the Daleks return with a sleek look.

When Magazine Will Release?

The Radio Times “Call the Doctor!” magazine has already released on November 28, 2020. It’s on sale with its cover picture focusing on the “Revolution of the Daleks” and how they would take over the world once again. Further, it contains the interview with Matt Strevens, Chris Chibnall, Bradley Walsh, Jodie Whittaker, John Barrowman, Mandip Gill, and Bradley Walsh.

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2020: What Will Happen Next?

Will Focus On The Daleks

Well, the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2020 would focus on the Daleks and their action. Now, Daleks has finally returned with more unique powers and aims to take over the entire universe. Further, they are now more intelligent than before, and Walsh said that they could keep updating them whenever they want to change the design for its betterment.

BBC One Teased Captain Jack’s Return

Recently, BBC One has teased in its trailer that John Barrowman returns to reprise his Captain Jack’s role. Well, Captain Jack’s returns mean the classic villains would appear too. In the Christmas special, the fans would witness the Time Lord feud with the classic antagonists, the Daleks. In fact, Nicholas Briggs has promised that the upcoming episode would be “a gift” for their fans.

Will Doctor Who Return Before Daleks Took Over Her Planet?

The new synopsis revealed that The Doctor Who is imprisoned somewhere in a high-security alien prison. Meanwhile, Daleks return and Doctor Who’s allies Ryan, Graham, and Yaz are trying their best to save the Earth and their life. Now the biggest challenge is how they can fight back with Daleks without her. But, the good news is there is only one Dalek who crossed the Earth’s Stratosphere.

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2020: Cast Details

Of course, Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteen Doctor will return. But there’s no hint as she will able to join her companion. Further, for the festive special, Mandip Gill as Yaz, Bradley Walsh as Graham, and Tosin Cole as Ryan would return. However, there are rumors that Cole and Walsh would exit the show after the festive special. Furthermore, Nicholas Briggs would return to voice over the Daleks.

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2020: When Will It Release?

Get ready for an action-packed New Year. Despite the ongoing health crisis that has badly affected the production, Doctor Who had already filmed their festive special before the outbreak of the COVID-19. So, you don’t have to wait much. As the network has already confirmed that Doctor Who Christmas Special 2020 will release on January 1, 2021. It means on New Year.

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