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Solo Leveling Chapter 129: Plot, Release Date & Everything The Fans Should Know!

Solo Leveling Chapter 129

Solo Leveling Chapter 129 is all set to follow its weekly schedule again after the last week’s chapter got delayed due to the poor health of its author. The fans were pretty disappointed when they get to know about the delay of the upcoming chapter. But now they are very excited to see its return finally. Solo Leveling is definitely the most popular manhwa of the current time, and its hype is on a different level.


The great characterization and storytelling take it on a different league than other web novels. Plus, the manhwa continues to deliver great chapters ever since it made its debut. There hasn’t been a single dull chapter. And its consistency is one of the main reasons why the series is so popular. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 129

Solo Leveling Chapter 129: Plot Details!

Woo Jin-Cheol, along with the Hunter guild, finally got inside and got stunned after seeing what was waiting for them. They will be trespassing as they will enter without the permission of an angel or key statue. Therefore, they are in extreme danger now, and only Sung Jin-Woo can make them out, but he is unconscious now. In the next chapter, the readers will also see how the Shadow Monarch will affect Jin-Woo and the rest of the Hunters.

Cha Hae-in will notice that Sung J in-Woo is not in any kind of danger and is only unconscious. Therefore in Solo Leveling Chapter 129, the Hunters will not fight to win. They will only try to buy time until Jin-Woo comes to his senses. The angel status will also get serious in the battle as its eyes will turn red, and it will also raise the broken statues. All the hunters are now trapped with the angel and stone statues, and the only way to get out is to defeat them, which seems to be impossible right now.

Solo Leveling Chapter 129

Previous Episode Recap!

In the last chapter of this manhwa, the viewers saw Hunter Sung Jin-Woo beat the Statue Of Gode. After defeating him, he urged him the revelation of his power and assured him that the answer he seeks is inside him. Suddenly, a panel arrived and asked him if he wants to start the video. He began the playback and saw the battle between the First Shadow Monarch and some angle like creatures. Meanwhile, a lot of Hunters enter the double dungeon in order to help him. However, the statue of God blocked them.

Solo Leveling Chapter 129: Release Date

The creators already revealed that this week there would be no break. Therefore, Solo Leveling Chapter 129 will release according to its weekly schedule on Thursday, December 3, 2020. 

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