May 30, 2024
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Is Tony Hinchcliffe Married? Or Is He Just Joking About It As Well? Everything To Know

Is Tony Hinchcliffe Married?

Tony Hinchcliffe is one of the most famous comedians all around the globe. He has the talent to roast people without any remorse. He is famous for touching on edgy topics while doing comedy. Since he is a comedian, so whenever he talked about his relationship, people thought he is joking. So, in this article, we’ll tell you the answer to the question “Is Tony Hinchcliffe married? or not?


Tony Hinchcliffe was born on June 8, 1984. He is an American writer and comedian. Tony served as the writing staff of the Comedy Central Roast series. He also appeared as the roaster in All Def Digital Roast of Snoop Dog. Tony is famous for subject matter insult comedy. His one-hour stand-up special One-Shot premiered on Netflix in 2016.

Is Tony Hinchcliffe Married?

Is Tony Hinchcliffe Married?

Back in 2015, Tony mentioned for the very first time that he has a wife and got married. It stunned everyone, but later everyone took it as a joke. Many fans even said that he is just lying about it. After two years of this incident, Tony Hinchcliffe again announced in 2017 that he is engaged to an Australian woman. Her name is Charlotte Jane. He revealed this news by posting a picture of them together on his Instagram handle. In this post, both Tony and his wife were showing off their engagement ring. Again many fans took it as a joke. But when Charlotte also posted the same picture on her Instagram handle, the fans started to take this news seriously.

After some time, Tony Hinchcliffe successfully tied the knot with his fiance in a private wedding ceremony. Tony has spoken about having a wife on various occasions. In 2018, he mentioned Charlotte, his wife, during a roast battle facing the fellow comedian, Mike Lawrence. With the help of this video, the fans found out that Tony married Charlotte in Las Vegas. 

Charlotte Jane is also no ordinary citizen. She is the daughter of a famous Australian race car driver, Bob Jane. So people often mentioned the pair as the wife and husband of each other. And if you’re looking for the answer to “Is Tony Hinchcliffe Married? So yes, he indeed is. However, it still not clear whether they are still together or not. It seems like they are, but their actions speak quite the opposite. Therefore, at present, only the couple can reveal their current marital status. 

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