May 30, 2024
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Over Christmas Season 2: Renewed? What Could Be The Future Plot? Know Everything

Over Christmas Season 2

Netflix’s rom-com drama Over Christmas has been hitting the watchers in a different way. The plot has everything wrapped up at once in a small season of three episodes. However, fans are eagerly waiting for Over Christmas Season 2. The second season is speculated to bring more fun and relatable scenario ahead. Netflix thought of bringing one more German series after the success of “barbarian.” Let us further discover what new elements will be brought up in Over Christmas Season 2.


Over Christmas is a German romantic miniseries. Its original titles as Uber Weihnachten, based on the book ‘7 Kilo in 3 Tagen: Uber Weihnachten written by Christian “Pokerbeats.” The story revolves around the character of Bastian. He has returned home after having a tough week at work. But, what he sees at home surprises him the most. Bastian’s ex-girlfriend has moved on with his younger sibling. Well, the surprise doesn’t just end here. 

He further discovers that his parents are also keeping a big secret. The expectation of getting happiness by returning home crashes into pieces. However, he wishes to be anywhere else rather than to be there at home. But, Basti has to face all. Let us further see what new surprises Over Christmas Season 2 be bringing ahead.

Over Christmas Season 2: Renewed?

There isn’t any confirmation about the renewal of Over Christmas Season 2. The first installment came upon the web in November 2020. It was already announced to be the miniseries and had three episodes in total. Each episode is of 45 minutes. We speculate the chances of renewal to be very less as the show was already branded to be the miniseries. Let us further wait for the response of viewers and makers.

Over Christmas Season 2: Cast And Crew

We expect to see all the lead faces back again if the second season of the series is renewed. Luke Mockridge played the lead role of Basti. Along with him, there is Cristina do Rego as Fine, Basti’s ex, Lucas Reiber as Niklas, Johanna Gastorf as Mama Brigette, and Rudolf Kowalski as Papa Walter.

Expected Plot!

We can not predict much about the coming fate of Over Christmas Season 2. The series is still due to be confirmed. However, if renewed, we might see the makers continuing the story from the same end. The previous season brought up the three days life of Basti at home. The second season may bring more days.

Along with that, there will be more surprises, revelations, twists, and turns. We will see Basti dealing with more awkward situations. But, he will deal with everything strongly as we are dealing with the Pandemic.

Over Christmas Season 2: Release Date

There isn’t any announcement regarding the renewal of Over Christmas Season 2. Therefore, we can not expect any release date either. There are fewer chances of the series being renewed. But, we are always hopeful as things can always change. Let us further wait for any official word. If you haven’t yet watched the wonderful rom-com drama, then hurry to Netflix because it’s worth your time. Stay updated with us for more information.

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