June 15, 2024
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Dream Home Makeover Season 2: Is It Happening? Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

Dream Home Makeover Season 2

Dream Home Makeover Season 2 is on its way to amaze you with its stunning interior with a blend of contemporary architecture style. The first season has marked a huge success on Netflix. Now, Dream Home Makeover fans can’t wait to see more of Shea and Syd McGees and their two cute little daughters sharing some time while completely transforming their client’s home. But, you have to wait for a little to watch the second season.


Dream Home Makeover was first started on Instagram by Shea. Shortly it turned out as a successive project which made the couple create their own business. However, their start wasn’t the way that they thought. Soon, they came up with a spectacular plan that shared some glimpse of their family good times.

Has It Renewed For The Next Season?

Recently, Dream Home Makeover’s first season aired on Netflix. However, the giant streamer is ready to return with Season 2 of the fan-favorite show. Well, the show has earned immense popularity and love from its loyal fans.

As per Netflix, Dream Home Makeover has saved its place in the Top 10 television shows on Netflix US. However, Netflix is yet to announce Season 2 of Dream Home Makeover officially. But, it seems that Netflix won’t take much time to reveal his decision.

Dream Home Makeover Season 2: When Production Will Begin?

As you know, many shows and movies have been facing plenty of delays to wrap up their season. However, this problem won’t happen with the Dream Home Makeover. As Shea and Syd McGee have confirmed in their blog, they have already filmed Season 2 while filming their first season. If you have noticed, at the end of the first season, the screen closed with “Dream Home Makeover Season 2 coming soon!”

What To Expect From The Upcoming Season?

Fans can expect that Season 2 of Dream Home Makeover would take you to Shea and Syd’s home decor world. In which they would show some stunning transformations of their client’s house. Meanwhile, portraying their family life. As the couple is parents too and the most exciting part of the show, it displays the real stories of how the couple manages their two little daughters while working on their projects.

A Quick Recap

In the first season, the couple renovated in Southern California. They called their workplace Utah home, where the brilliant transformation ideas took birth. However, soon they discovered if they want to grow their business, they have to relocate to Beehive State. From then they started working on renovating their own house meantime working on the client’s project. They also brought their kids to show their off-camera life.

Dream Home Makeover Season 2: When To Expect?

Well, fans have to wait more, as Netflix is yet to officially renew Season 2. But, as soon as the show gets greenlit, it eventually lands on your screen. As of now, we can expect that Dream Home Makeover Season 2 would return in mid-2021, considering the show has already filmed its second batch.

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