Voices of Fire Season 2

Voices of Fire Season 2: Is It Happening? All The Details About The Show

Voices of Fire Season 2: Netflix recently released a musical documentary- ‘Voices of Fire’ and that has got all the viewers addicted to the spectacular music. Ever since then, fans have been wondering if we will get Voices of Fire Season 2.

The show throws limelight on the talented singers who want to be selected in a world-class gospel choir. The unscripted series is much like other music competitions ruling tv and the internet. What sets the show apart from the rest of the series is the belief and inspiration behind the show. The first season has bagged great reviews. So, what’s happening to Voice of Fire Season 2? Here are all the details-

What Could Come Up Next?

The first season of Voices of Fire is a gospel musical documentary series. It follows Pharrell Williams along with his uncle Bishop Ezekiel Williams and their team, who travel to Pharrell’s hometown in Hampton Roads, Virginia, to find talented singers in order to build a world-class gospel choir. The main things that the judges are looking for in the artists include energy, emotions, devotion, and depth.

Voices of Fire Season 2

After numerous auditions, the panel successfully picks 25 sopranos, 25 tenors, 25 altos. After making the choir, they go on to find the perfect venue. While rehearsing, many members of the choir get eliminated, and finally, the ones to are able to make the final cut gear up for their grand debut. The finalists viewers get to see in the end include Lauren Hendrick, Elana Rose Lapetina, Marcus Richardson, Damon “DJ” Parker, Daniel Cuenca, and Kieth Ball.

Voices of Fire Season 2

The first season ends with this choir delivering an impressive performance before their congregation in Norfolk, Virginia. For Voices of Fire Season 2, we can expect to see the same format. The second season should bring in more talented singers who can compete with each other to reach the finale and be a part of the spectacular choir.

Who Will Be The Judges?

The first season saw Bishop Ezekiel Williams as the main judge. He has been a part of the ministry for over 30 years. His ultimate goal was to bring in diverse people as they come together to make an inspirational choir. Joining him as the judge of the show is music director Larry George, Vocal Coach Peggy Britt, and the Choirmaster Patrick Riddick. The much famous singer and rapper Pharrell Williams appeared on the show as a guest judge. Viewers can expect to see all of these faces to come back as the judges. Pharrell must continue to make his special guest appearances on the show.

When Would Voices of Fire Season 2 Release?

The first season of Voices of Fire premiered this November 20, 2020. All six episodes of the show released on the same day. Since it hasn’t been a long time since the first season aired, it is too soon to think if Voices of Fire Season 2 is coming or not. Netflix usually takes some time before they renew new shows.

With that said, Phil Thornton, the senior vice president, and general manager at RCA’s inspiration and record label, has only good things to say about the show. He has teamed up with the ‘Voices of Fire’ choir’s gospel records. Thornton is very optimistic about Netflix renewing the show for a second season. He thinks that the music is so addictive that he thinks that Voices of Fire Season 2.

Well, we hope that the streamer does bring the second season of the show. If Netflix does renew the show for more, we can expect Voices of Fire Season 2 to release sometime in 2021. We will keep you updated with all the news about this show as we get it. So, you stay tuned.

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