June 17, 2024
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Blood Of Zeus Season 2: Already Renewed! Netflix Releases Teaser Video, Know The Coming Fate

Blood Of Zeus Season 2

Blood Of Zeus had a successful story on Netflix. The anime has won the hearts of its viewers. Moreover, the platform renewed Blood Of Zeus Season 2 after seeing the engagement rate of the series. Netflix also brings up the short teaser of the second season. Know all the latest updates and the upcoming scenario of the series.


Blood Of Zeus is also known as Gods and Heroes. It an adult animated drama created by Charley and Vlas Parlapanides. The plot includes the hint of reality with that of fiction. However, the story is set in the world of Greek mythology. The plot majorly revolves around Heron, the demigod son of Zeus. He is trying to save Olympus and Earth. Blood Of Zeus features the union of God and humans, giants, automata, and mythical mounts. The first season has a total of eight-episode in it. Let us wait further to see more ahead. Till then, we have brought some updates for you; scroll to know.

Blood Of Zeus Season 2: Already Renewed!

The first installment of the series finished airing its last episode on October 27, 2020. Well, it didn’t take much time for Netflix to analyze the rating of the show. Netflix gave the green light to the Blood Of Zeus’s second installment earlier this month. Moreover, the makers say that they have five seasons outlined of the series. Indeed, fans are going to see more of Heron ahead.

Blood Of Zeus stood to be on third in the top ten list around the world on Netflix. We further expect the same craze of the series.

Blood Of Zeus Season 2: Upcoming Plot

The series ended on so many cliffhangers. Will Seraphim be kneeling in front of Hades? Seraphim does what he wants. But Hade has given him the opportunity to serve him. This will probably be including to kneel in front of him. But, we can not expect someone like Seraphim to kneel in front of anyone. We will further see him finding one of his own ways to rid of Hade’s claws.

Who Will Be The Next Ruler?

We have seen Zeus sacrificing himself in the battle of gods and giants. He saves Hera from giants. With the death of Zeus, the gods of Olympus are left with no leader. We may see other characters stepping in front to show their leadership.

Even though Zeus has sacrificed himself for Hera. But, will other members welcome her? It seems that others are going to face difficulty in welcoming the goddess, Hera, with open arms. Even though she can not be the lead role of the second season, we will still see him causing other members’ problems. Let us further wait to know the impending fate of the characters.

Blood Of Zeus Season 2: Release Date

Blood Of Zeus Season 2 may not release anytime soon. But, we are happy to know that there will surely be more seasons ahead. The viewers have loved the anime drama and will further be happy to see more. We can speculate the season to come to the screens around 2022. For further details, stay upgraded with us.

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