May 21, 2024
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Chef’s Table Season 7: Renewed! When Will The Show Release?

Chef's Table Season 7

Chef’s Table Season 7: Food is something that piques everyone’s interest. Netflix is well aware of what to bring to make sure that viewers love it. One of those shows was Netflix’s cookery show- Chef’s Table.


First released in 2015, the show follows different chefs in the course of the run and explore their styles and philosophies. Created by David Gelb, the show uses production techniques to make the show rather than adopting reality television. What’s next? Is Chef’s Table Season 7 happening? Here is everything to know-

Chef’s Table: What’s Next!

Chef’s Table is Netflix’s original documentary taking viewers into the lives and kitchens of world’s most successful chefs in the world. Each episode follows a chef and their story. In the latest and the sixth season of the show, Gelb chose four chefs to tell their stories. The creator believes that there are a number of chefs out there in the world who have incredible stories to tell. However, in the end, only those chefs who are available and are willing to give makers the time are in the show.

The latest season of the show, season six saw four world famous chefs. The first episode follows the story of Mashama Bailey, the owner of a restaurant- The Grey in Savannah, Georgia. Bailey specializes in putting new twists to Southern food tradition.

The second episode tells the tale of renowned Italian butcher- Dario Cecchini. He is an expert in mean and experiments with it in his restaurant Solociccia, which is in Tuscany. The third episode follows the journey of a Kolkata tomboy- Asma Khan who owns a Darjeeling Express eatery in London. The finale episode, Episode 4 focuses on Sean Brock who is an expert of Southern cuisine and owns the Husk eatery in Charleston- South Carolina.

Chef's Table Season 7

The sixth season was a huge hit and was widely praised. While we don’t yet know who we will get to see in Chef’s Table Season 7, we are sure that more famous chefs from around the world will be a part of the upcoming season. We will have to wait for an official update on who we will see.

David Gelb on Chef’s Table

David Gelb once said in an interview where he spoke about Chef’s Table and how different it was from the dozens of other food-centric shows. Replying to the question, Gelb says that unlike other food-centric shows Chef’s Table does have a competition format. Instead, it is a documentary that seeks out to provide viewers an idea of what goes in the lives of top-chefs. Apart from the good food, Chef’s Table also carries some educational value about the cooking and ingredients.

Chef's Table Season 7

In an interview, Gelb says that he has learned about many ingredients. He came to understand about a number of high-quality tastes that are used in the food. Another aspect of why ‘Chef’s Table’ is different from other shows is the cinematography. It brings delicious dishes into the show.

Chef’s Table Season 7: When Would The Show Release

The sixth season of Chef’s Table Season 6 released on February 22, 2019. Right after the sixth season released, Netflix renewed the show for Chef’s Table Season 7. Not just the seventh season, the show was renewed for the eighth season. Clearly, the streaming giant understands and trusts the show.

The release date for the eighth season hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. However, given the current situation, we can expect some delay. Placing our best bet, we can expect the show to release sometime in the second half of 2021.

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