April 13, 2024
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The Wheel Of Time Season 2: Renewed? Release Date For First Season! Everything To Know

The Wheel Of Time Season 2

The first season of The Wheel Of Time hasn’t even premiered, and fans already started discussing Wheel Of Time Season 2. It all started with a tweet when one of its creators mentioned the second season. At that time, the production for its initial season only begun. And ever since then, the fans are trying to know more about it. So will there be a second season? Here are all the latest details.


The Wheel Of Time will be an American epic fantasy web TV series. It adapts Robert Jordan’s novel series of the same title. Rafe Judkins is serving as the showrunner for this upcoming series. Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures are co-producing this show, which will release later on Amazon Prime. The fans will see Rosamund Pike, Barney Harris, and others as the leading actors in the show. 

The Wheel Of Time Season 2: Renewed?

Last year, the makers began the production of the initial season of the series. However, they had to stop it in March this year after the arrival of the global health pandemic. On November 14, 2019, the showrunner Jafe Rudkins tweeted that he already started working on the scripts of The Wheel Of Time Season 2. His tweets read, “Starting the S2 writers’ room on Wheel of Time and the Czech builders didn’t fully grasp how many whiteboards are needed to break an entire season of television.”

When one of the users asked him has he already renewed the show, then he replied, “just writing it now.” It has been more than one year, and he still hasn’t revealed whether that was a typo, or he is really working on it. Since the makers have a lot of source material to adapt, therefore it might be possible that they really have some plans for its future installments.

What Will Happen In The First Season? 

The fans have been waiting for the premiere of this show for quite a while. It has been more than three years since the announcement of the show. And after looking at the eagerness of the people, Amazon Prime decided to release its official synopsis. It reads, 

“The Wheel of Time follows Moiraine, a segment of the powerful, all-woman group of channelers (magic-users) known as the Aes Sedai, who gets a group of five young people from their hometown village after an attack by the forces of the Dark One. It is a sinister entity who endeavors to destroy the Pattern (Existence). Among these five, she thinks one might be the incarnation of the Dragon, an antique hero and strong channeler who is forecasted either to save the world or to destroy it.”

The Wheel Of Time Season 2: Release Date

The makers haven’t even revealed the release date of its debut season. So it is likely that the fans have to for quite a while to watch The Wheel Of Time Season 2. Since most of the production of its debut season is completed, therefore the fans can expect its first season to premiere next year.

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