May 30, 2024
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Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled? Air Date

Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2

Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions is amongst one of the best Isekai animes of this decade. Despite its popularity, A-1 Pictures has not renewed the second season. Hence, even after four years of the anime’s release, fans are still waiting for Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2 to hit the screens. Will it ever return? What’s in its future? Here are the answers to all your burning questions.


Hai to Genso no Gurimugaru, popularly known by many names, including Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash, originated as a light novel series back in 2013. Written by Ao Jūmonji and illustrated by Eiri Shirai, the LN series was an instant hit upon its release. As of today, it is still serializing and has a massive following of itself. Due to its popularity, the series was picked up for a manga adaptation in 2015 and an anime adaptation in 2016.

Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2

Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2: Renewal Status

A-1 Pictures’ Isekai anime series aired on Japanese television between January and March 2016. Grimgar, Ashes And Illusions initially attracted only the readers of its source material. However, after a few episodes, the show acquired a following of its own. Funimation licensed its international streaming rights, which helped the series gain many more fans from around the globe.

Yet, the studio has not announced the renewal of Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2. As per speculations, one of the main reasons behind the same could be related to the anime’s sales. It is said that the debut season did not manage to sell as well as the creators expected. Given that condition, the sequel can be risky for A-1 Pictures or any other studio that attempts to produce it.

Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2

Well, the emergence of international streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video has brought a change in today’s situation of the anime industry. Anime series that have potential are given the opportunity to return, more often than before. Hence, even though Season 1 did not sell well, the sequel might still have a chance to be picked up by Netflix (or another platform). These streamers can easily provide better exposure to a show and a selective audience as well. As of now, fans must not lose hope for Hai to Genso no Gurimugaru Season 2.

What Are The Chances Of Its Return?

Unlike most US television shows, it’s common for anime to have a long hiatus between two seasons. In fact, a gap of five or six years is usual for several popular anime. In the past, some big names like One-Punch Man and Attack On Titan have taken well over four years to come back. Having said that, chances of the renewal of Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2 are still probable.

Is There Enough Source Material?

Fortunately, yes. A-1 Pictures still has plenty of source material to adapt the anime. The Grimgar LN series has a total of 16 published volumes as of today. The most recent one became a hit after its launch in July 2020. On the other hand, Grimgar’s debut season only consumed the plot of the first two volumes.

Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2

Even though Season 1’s finale followed an original story, Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2 might cover the next two (or more) LN volumes. That said, there surely is more than enough source material for a sequel.

Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2: Release Date

A-1 Pictures’ schedule for 2021 already looks busy. The studio is set to work on two new projects: 86 (based on an LN series by Asato Asato) anime series and Sword Art Online the Movie: Aria of A Starless Night. Well, given that the studio produces over five projects every year, Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2 still has a chance to fit in the schedule.

As per the current status, the renewal of the sequel is yet to arrive. Hence, it is currently hard to predict a release date. However, even if the green flag comes this year, Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2 might not premiere anytime sooner than late 2021 or early 2022. We will update this section with relevant information and all the latest updates.

What were your favorite moments from Season 1? Are you excited for Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash Season 2? Tell us in the comments below. 

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