May 29, 2024
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Star Vs The Force Of Evil Season 5: Renewed Or Canceled? Everything To Know

Star Vs The Force Of Evil Season 5

Star Vs The Force Of Evil has a massive fan following, waiting to watch more of its fabulous content. Sadly, after four successful seasons, Disney decided to walk over all our hearts and cancel the entire series altogether. As per that, Star Vs The Force Of Evil Season 5 will not return to the screens. However, fans of the critically acclaimed show are not ready to let it go. Can fans save it? Will it ever return? Here’s everything that you need to know.


Disney’s Star Vs The Force Of Evil is an American animated show created by Daron Nefcy and developed by Jordana Arkin and Dave Wasson. The television series aired its first three seasons on Disney XD, beginning from January 2015. Whereas, its fourth installment was broadcasted on the Disney Channel between March and May 2019. The company welcomed much criticism and backlash from fans upon the cancellation of the show.

Star Vs The Force Of Evil Season 5

Star Vs The Force Of Evil Season 5: Cancelation

Daron Nefcy’s magical girl comedy series is the first-ever Disney XD show created by a woman. Its first episode (On Disney XD) was also the most-watched animated series debut in the network’s history. Moreover, Star Vs The Force Of Evil received much appreciation from viewers and critics for all four seasons.

For a show as popular as this one, Disney has canceled it way too early. The company confirmed that Season 4 would be the last installment of the series. They also asserted that the story might not come back through a film adaptation either. Ever since the fourth season ended, the creators have not talked about its revival yet. As of now, the only way to save Star Vs The Force Of Evil Season 5 is through support from fans.

Can Fans Save The Fifth Season?

Even after a year of its end, many Star fans have not left hope for the renewal of Star Vs The Force Of Evil Season 5. The massive following of the franchise is not allowing Disney to end the series just yet. Ever since it ended (in May 2019), millions of its fans have come together to demand another project, be it the fifth season or a film. As of today’s condition, the demands from fans seems to be going out of hand.

Fans have signed plenty of petitions asking for a revival. In fact, one of those petitions already has over 150,000 signatures. On the other hand, thousands of fans have been using various social media platforms to demand another season. Well, the number of people supporting the show is pretty high and is likely to get noticed by Disney. Given the pressure, the production company might give in to the requests.

Star Vs The Force Of Evil Season 5

Voice Actor Adam McArthur (Marco) Supports The Series’ Return

American actor Adam McArthur who played the leading character of Marco Diaz, supports the show’s return. In an interview with TVInsider, he talked about the possibilities of Star Vs The Force Of Evil Season 5. McArthur expressed that he’s been receiving requests on Twitter and mentioned that a petition has many signatures already. The actor adds that it would be silly for Disney and its executives to ignore such high numbers and the audience’s demand. Moreover, he truly believes that Star and Marco might return and that there’s a future for the show.

Spoiler Alert!

On the other hand, when asked the story of Star Vs The Force Of Evil Season 5, Adam expressed that he’d love to see Starco children and their future life together. He wants to fast-forward 15 years in the story and see how the characters and their life turns out to be.

In the fourth season’s finale, Star’s home dimension Mewni and Earth merge into one big planet. Hence, the actor suggests that the new planet could serve as a jumping-off point for Star Vs The Force Season 5.

Star Vs The Force Of Evil Season 5

McArthur mentioned that it could be fun to watch a spin-off series (or a few episodes) featuring a 30-year-old version of Marco in the dimension called the Neverzone. The actor has previously said that his character has been very close to his heart. Hence, it will be interesting to see if any of the actor’s theories turn out to be true. As of now, Disney or any of the series’ producers have not talked about its future.

Star Vs The Force Of Evil Season 5: Release Date

Since its producers are yet to renew another season, the series might not return anytime sooner. However, if the fans manage the save Season 5, the production process might take a year or more. Also, as of now, the creator of Star Vs The Force Evil, Daron Nefcy, is already working on a Nickelodeon project. Hence, any work on the fifth installment might not begin until she’s available. As per current circumstances, any new episodes might not arrive before 2022 or 2023. We will update this section with an official release date once it is announced.

Do you want another season of the show? What are your expectations from Star Vs The Force Of Evil Season 5? Please show your support in the comments below.

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