April 16, 2024
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FBI Season 3 Episode 4: What’s Coming Ahead? Know The Impending Fate Of Characters

FBI Season 3 Episode 4

CBS’s police procedural crime drama, FBI has been thoroughly entertaining us with its intense plot. Now comes the time of the release of FBI Season 3 Episode 4. It will also follow the same slot of bringing more crime, investigation, and police procedural plot.


So, better be ready to experience more thrills ahead. There is going to be so much risking and struggling in life. The FBI Agents are going to tackle the worst of worsts. Let us further dig deeper into the upcoming scenario.

FBI Season 3 Episode 4: What’s Coming?

The platform hasn’t yet released any title or official synopsis of the fourth episode. There haven’t been any revelation because the episode will not premiere this year. It will be there in the new year. The season has taken the winter fall and gone for the holidays. It’s too early for the series to go on holiday. The winter break is going to test your patience. Indeed, all we know for now is that there is going to be more crime and cases ahead.

FBI Season 3 Episode 4

FBI Agents will continue to risk all to save their chaotic cases. However, the story always brings pleasure to our eyes. We expect the same from the upcoming episodes. So, better get ready to see the unexpected ahead.


The third episode of the season was titled “Liar’s Poker.” We see an NYPD police officer being shot and murdered. However, after the murder, the whole team gears upon investigating the case. It is further seen that the drug kingpin is responsible for almost one-third of the drugs going out of Mexico. He has been chased by global polices and now is under the eye of the FBI. Furthermore, the FBI tracks him down and brings him to the headquarter.

An FBI Special agent is abducted and fit with the collar bomb. Everything has now fallen into chaos. However, Elise enters the HQ. Now, the demand is to release Vegas in order to save the building from exploding. Vargas is henced released because he is the only one who knows how to diffuse the bomb. Elise is now safe. Let us further hope for Vargas being caught once again.

The episode has been full of thrill and adventure. The story contains so much thrill to keep you engaged till the end.

FBI Season 3 Episode 4

FBI Season 3 Episode 4: Release Date

FBI Season 3 Episode 4 will come to the screens on January 5, 2020. However, the date is supposed to be the FBI’s release date and hasn’t been officially announced by the platform. There has been so much gap because of the winter break. Let us further wait for CBS to confirm officially. However, the platform may take some time because the wait is quite big. The official synopsis will also take its time to be up on the web.

You can watch the releasing episode on the official website of CBS, iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Prime Videos, and Fubo TV. Stay connected to know more in this space.

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