Swat Season 4 Episode 6

SWAT Season 4 Episode 6: “Hopeless Sinner,” New Mission, New Adventure! Know More Details

SWAT Season 4 Episode 6 is going to surprise you in so many different ways. The upcoming episode will be the last one of 2020. However, a new mission will bring in a new story. So, better get ready for the adventurous ride all over again. SWAT team will have a surprising and struggling scenario ahead. At the same time, Hondo’s personal story is going to continue. Let us further dig deeper into the impending fate of the series.

SWAT Season 4 Episode 6: What’s Coming?

The sixth episode of SWAT Season 4 is entitled “Hopeless Sinner.” SWAT team continues to deal with their professional as well as personal life. However, we will see them going on a mission to save a teenage girl. Things may fall out of line while saving her. But, we have faith that the team is going to manage all by the end.

Swat Season 4 Episode 6

The official synopsis released by the platform reads, “Chris brings the SWAT team into her personal mission to save a teenage girl from a charismatic, predatory religious leader; Sean Patrick Thomas. He is using his church for illicit gain. Also, Hondo receives troubling news about Darryl related to Leroy, Darryl’s father, being released from prison, and Tan’s wedding planning hits a snag.”

Shemar Moore will again lead the show as Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson. We will further see more of Alex Russell as Jim Street, Lina Esco as Chris, Jay Harrington as Deacon, Kenny Johnson as Dominique Luca, Patrick St. Esprit as Robert Hicks, Ammy Farrington as Lieutenant Piper Lynch. Moreover, there are guest stars like Sean Patrick Thomas, Mika Abdalla, Joy Osmanski, Carlos Acuna, and Grahan Patrick.

Swat Season 4 Episode 6

What We Have Watched Till Now?

The last released episode of SWAT Season 4 was titled ‘Fracture.’ The episode brings up the Mayor asking Hondo to be the public face of the new outreach campaign. The campaign is done in order to approve LAPD’s stature within the black community. But, it seems that Hondo is conflicted by the Mayor’s asking.

However, on the other side, the team searches for a lone bomber. It reminds Tan of the time of his childhood. Chris further pushes herself in the competition of leadership. Tan and Street are left behind. The competition was a fun moment at first but soon became the rivalry one. A bunch of stuff is going on in the character’s life. We have to see how they are going to handle it all. It has been an amazing episode, full of ups and downs. However, the same adventure is going ahead in the series.

SWAT Season 4 Episode 6: Release Date

The sixth episode of SWAT Season 4 will release on Wednesday, December 6, 2020. It will be there from 10 to 11 pm ET/PT on the CBS network. You can also watch the same on Direct TV, Fubo TV, Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu, and YouTube TV. So, keep watching and being updated with us in this space.


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