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Solo Leveling Chapter 131: Jin-Woo Awake, More Chaos Ahead! Know Plot, Release Date & All The Latest Details

Solo Leveling Chapter 131

The fans have been eagerly waiting for Solo Leveling Chapter 131 as the previous chapters amazed them. The fans got a lot of answers in it, which raised new questions. The popularity of this manhwa is already touching the seventh sky because of its great content. It is delivering great chapters every single week. Therefore, after reading the chapter, the fans curiously wait for its next chapter to release.


In the previous chapter, Jin-Woo is finally woken up from his sleep and took down Architect in a single blow. He also managed to defeat the Angel statue. Since the dual dungeon incident finally came to an end, what will happen next? If you’re also curious to know, just keep reading. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 131

Solo Leveling Chapter 131: Plot Details!

After one of the best chapters of this manhwa, the fans are eagerly waiting for its next one. It seems like Sung Jin-Woo finally became the Shadow Monarch after defeating the Angle Statue and receiving the black heart. And now he is more powerful than ever.

Now, in Solo Leveling Chapter 131, the fans will witness that even after the death of the Angel Statue, other stone statues are still alive and moving. One of them is moving towards Jin-Woo as he froze on his spot. Jin-Cheol and Choi Jong-in are also busy taking down these stone statues. Sung Jin-Woo finally begins to move when Jin-Cheol calls out his name. Thanks to him, half of the hunters who enter the dual dungeon will manage to survive. 

After defeating all the statues, Jin-Woo puts Hunter Cha Hae-in on the floor and buys her a healing portion, which she gulps down. All of her wounds will heal, and she recovers instantly. Suddenly Hunter Jin-Woo will ask what happened to Japan? He got the answer, “Japan has been destroyed,” which shakes him to his core.

Solo Leveling Chapter 131

Previous Episode Recap!

Hunter Jin-Woo is still unconscious, and everyone is continuously trying to wake him up. King is also attacking him with his strong blows. Later, Soo-Hyun summoned some humans, but the King is still taking down his opponents continuously. Suddenly Hunter Sung Jin-Woo wakes from his sleep and engaged in a battle with King. In this battle, Jin-Woo even showed his new Black Heart mana technique. By the end of the chapter, Jin-Woo won his battle and became more powerful than ever as now Shadow Monarch lives inside him. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 131

Solo Leveling Chapter 131: Release Date

The fans are eagerly waiting for the next chapter of this manhwa to get the answers. Solo Leveling Chapter 131 will release on Thursday, December 16, 2020. The time of its release will vary according to the countries. 

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