April 13, 2024
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The Resident Season 4: Ringing Bells! COVID Creating Chaos At The Same Time, Know Details

The Resident Season 4

The Pandemic has hit every show and series quite badly. And, Chastain Park Memorial Hospital has been depicting the real-life scenario during COVID 19 on the screen. However, The Resident Season 4 is going to feature some happy moments as well. There will be bells ringing and someone will walk down the aisle. So, get ready to see some struggle and happiness at the same time.


The Resident is a medical drama series, created by Amy Holden Jones, Hayley Schore, and Rishan Sethi. The story focuses mainly on the personal and professional life of the characters. We come to know about the hectic routine of the doctors and nurses. The series is based on ‘Unaccountable’ by Marty Makary. It first came upon the screen in the year 2018. 

The Resident Season 4

We see a group of young doctors facing the reality of the medicines, which includes so many modernizations in it. They together deal with all the changes and problems of the hospital. At the same time, we also see the characters dealing with personal issues. Let us see what newness The Resident Season 4 brings to the screen.

The Resident Season 4: Tough But Worth

The official handle of The Resident brought up the trailer on Instagram. We see the characters dealing with the chaos of the world. The coronavirus has put a hold of people very tightly. We can see people getting infected easily, and therefore, the burden of the doctors’ increases. The future scenario is going to be rough. But, it will properly depict all the ongoing situation of the world. All the doctors are in full protective equipment while dealing with the patients.


People are dying from the virus. Therefore, the season will be an emotional ride for the characters as they will see their close ones getting away from them. However, seeing patients die is also going to be an emotional segment.

The makers wouldn’t have thought of ignoring the presence of the COVID 19 situation. Being the medical drama, it’s their responsibility to honor the medical workers. However, the situation of the Pandemic isn’t the same now as it was in June when the writers were penning it down.

The Resident Season 4

Who’s Getting Married?

We will see the ringing of wedding bells in The Resident Season 4. Dr. Conrad Hawkins will tie the knot with nurse practitioner Nic Nevin. Moreover, we got a look at a few photos from the fourth season. It seems that the marriage is going to be a big and beautiful one. We see pictures of both the character being ready for their wedding day.

Moreover, Nic walks down the aisle with her father. Although, they will have to further deal with a lot ahead. The situation will bring chaos into their married life. But, we are hopeful that they will manage to get through all the bumps.

The Resident Season 4: Release Date

The Resident Season 4 will come to the screens on January 12, 2021. The series will be there at 8/7c on Fox. So, be prepared to see all the sadness and happiness on the screen. Till then, stay in the link for more updates ahead.

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